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FII Delegation meets Airport Authority of India

FII delgates meet AAI

New Delhi, August 4: Under the MISSION PREVENTIVE SAFETY & SECURITY undertaken by All India Fire & Disaster Management Council in Association with Federation of Indian Industry, Haryana under the initiative of  Director General Sh. Deepak Jain, in Disaster Risk Reduction Programme undertaken by FII, Haryana, a joint delegation of FII and all India Fire & Disaster Management Council visited the Headquarters of Airport Authority of India to meet Executive Director (Security) Sh. Raj Kumar Malik and other senior officials in the Directorate of Aviation Security suggested third Party training and conduct of mock exercises regarding the EMERGENCY PLAN OF AN AIRPORT-  Measures for Effective Mitigation and Response.

The Delegation consisted of Brig (DR.) BK Khanna, SM, VSM (Retd.), Chairman, AIFDMC, Sh. JP Singh Sahni, President AIFDMC and representing FII Disaster Risk Reduction endeavour, Sh. Deepak Maini, Gen Secy FII, Haryana, Sh. M K Sharma, Mng. Trustee AIFDMC and Sh. Kabir Sahni, Executive Director AIFDMC. A suggested measures’ proposal and a purpose note and Plan regarding Emergency measures training to save the lives of passengers and employees at the Airport were submitted by the delegation to the AAI Senior officials Team.

Under the guidance of Brig. (Dr.) BK Khanna, Former Senior Advisor-cum-Consultant (Training, Capacity Development & Mock Exercises) National Disaster Management Authority, Govt. of India, AIFDMC has already trained former defence forces personnel and civilians who have been imparting training under the Mission Preventive Safety & Security Programme of AIFDMC. That capacity of trainers was offered to the AAI for imparting training in Mitigation and Response regarding Emergency measures.

The purpose of the Plan is to facilitate a timely and appropriate response to emergencies occurring on or in the airport’s immediate vicinity. The principal goal is to render necessary assistance and minimize further injury and damage to persons and property involved in accidents or any emergencies at the airport.

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FII submitted a Proposal to AAI to facilitate a timely and appropriate response to emergencies, if any, occurring at or in the airport’s immediate vicinity. The principal goal is to render necessary assistance and minimize further injury and damage to persons and property involved in accidents or emergency situations at airports.

Safety, security and emergency response management at airports is quite complex and needs specialized handling. The response must be quick, timely and professionally sound. You require understanding management and experts to impart training and capacity building to all the concerned stakeholders for that to happen.

As per the guidelines and instructions from ICAO, DGCA and Ministry of Civil Aviation, every airport, whether small, medium or large-sized, has to have an Emergency plan to cater for all types of perceived emergencies/ disasters. The plan has to be a vibrant and inclusive one. Any cut paste or filling in the blanks and putting the plan in is not sufficient. The plan will be useless unless the contents are known and practised by all involved in an emergency. Accordingly, all stakeholders have to be involved in the formulation of the Plan, and they must own it. Every stakeholder involved must have a copy of the plan and the emergency contact numbers of each person. A laminated wallet-sized card of contact numbers needs to be made available for immediate access to pertinent information. The plan’s implementation must be ensured through periodic discussions, brainstorming sessions, and field exercises.

The Aim of the Emergency Plan submitted was to save the lives of the passengers and employees working in various entities at the airport.