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Founder of a successful Business Management Consultancy, Meenu Rathore is an inspiration for women

Surat: We come across many stories about how passion and persistence have played a significant role in the lives of successful people. Yet, few are as inspiring as Meenu Rathore, who had to compromise with family rules but is now running a highly successful Business Management Consultancy firm in Surat, the business hub in Gujarat.
Meenu, who hails from an Army family, is the Founder and Director of OneWill Consulting. This firm has helped more than 200+ Companies through its expertise in system and process consulting, strategic implementations for business growth, HR transformation, and training and development. OneWill Consulting is a multi-crore company having a solid national and international client base.
Still, the story could have been very different for Meenu, as she recalls.
“I was born in an Army family, and I aspired to study hard and become a Company Secretary (CS). However, my parents had other plans and were already preparing for my marriage as soon as I reached the ‘right’ age. In fact, they had already finalized a suitor for me,” Meenu says.
She had a big argument with her family about the marriage and even threw away all her books in rage with disappointment. On her father’s advice, she connected with the potential suitor and shared with him her strong aspiration to pursuing CS. The suitor readily agreed, and soon the two got married.
Soon after the marriage, Meenu landed in Surat and started pursuing her CS finals, followed by a CS articleship and simultaneously enrolled for MBA. To ensure her financial independence, she also started working as an HR manager in a textile firm.
Things were good with Meenu, and her life was going along as planned. It took a dramatic turn when she assisted a road accident victim. The person invited Meenu to his office, which proved to be a turning point in her life and the lives of many others. The accident victim was Deepprakash Agarwal, Director of Radhey Weaves, who was highly impressed with Meenu and offered her the opportunity to work as HR in his organization. Meenu, however, turned the offer citing time constraints due to her studies and other work commitments.
Mr. Agarwal was, however, persistent and asked Meenu to provide HR Business Consulting services to his firm for an hour or two a week, an offer she could not refuse.
The association opened a world of opportunities for Meenu as soon other firms soon approached her for similar services. To overcome the paucity of time on weekdays, she started working on new assignments on Sundays.

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“This was like a Eureka moment for me. I realized then there was a big market for Business Consulting services in Surat. I saw an opportunity and decided to grab it with both my hands. With Mr. Agarwal’s guidance, I founded my own company, and this is how OneWill Consulting was born,” says Meenu.
Today, OneWill Consulting is a multi-crore firm, working with big names Like Torrent Power Limited, Meera Industries Limited, Dharmaj Crop Guard Limited, Radhey Group, JBGO Group, Jindal Group, Navin Group, Vijay Dairy, Sandesh Distributors, Revo International, and several others across various sectors, offering them its multi-disciplinary services.
Even as she was scaling new heights, she decided to pursue a PhD in management. Her determination can be gauged because she appeared for the PhD exam while being eight months pregnant. What’s more, she aced the exam.
“I got pregnant when my company was doing very well. I was determined I would not take a break from my professional life. I continued working literally till the last hour of pregnancy and was back at work just a week after my daughter was born. Leaving a one-week infant at home was heart-breaking, but I did it as I firmly believe work is worship,” she says.
Just at the age of 27, Meenu is a leading Female Business Management Consultant of Surat and a well-known startup mentor, a regional trainer for BNI, support director at BNI, Business Director at JCI,  CEO of RMG Maheshwari School, Guest Lecturer at Luthra Institute of Management, Surat, and Visiting Lecturer at Vidyadeep Institute of Management, Kim.
Unsurprisingly, Meenu is a role model and inspiration for many women as a highly qualified professional and a successful entrepreneur.
Her Success Mantra: “I have always believed in hard work, and I am convinced it always pays us in one or the other form. All we need to do is keep following our passion whatever be the situation because as challenges are miracles waiting to happen.”