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Innovative technologies used by entrepreneurs in Surat and south Gujarat to be adopted by Thailand

Surat, July 23: Thailand, which ranks first on the list of most popular tourist destinations for Indians in general and Gujaratis in particular, has set its sights on promoting the innovative technology utilised by Surat and South Gujarat businesses in various industries back home.

A five-member business delegation led by Thanawat Sirikul, Consul General of the Royal Thai Consulate in Mumbai, Nattasuda Mettaprasert, Deputy Consul General, and investment director and Consul, Nanthapol Sudbanthad visited the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) to learn about the innovative technology used by Surat entrepreneurs for promotion in Thailand.

“Surat is a vibrant city that is growing at a rapid pace,” Thanawat Sirikul, Thailand’s Consul General in Mumbai, said. “As a result, Thailand will embrace the unique technology of South Gujarat, especially Surat.” I ask the Chamber to send a delegation of South Gujarat business leaders to Thailand to promote this breakthrough technology,” Sirikul added.

The Thai group had previously visited the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) and was impressed with the SMAC (Smart city) centre. SMAC is an Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) responsible for efficiently administering the city of Surat, including the delivery of high-quality municipal and associated services to people.

The Thai team was joined by Paresh Patel, chairman of the SMC’s Standing Committee, Municipal Commissioner Banchhanidhi Pani, and Mayor Hemali Boghawala, who told them about the innovative steps the municipal body has taken to improve civic facilities for its residents.

Sirikul urged that the chamber of commerce create platforms for various Thai enterprises in South Gujarat and promote Thailand’s tourist industry. The Consul General expressed a strong desire to encourage Thai jewellery manufacturing businesses to join in the SGCCI’s annual Sparkle-Gems and Jewellery event.

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It should be noted that the Thailand government created the India-Thailand Jewelry Cluster Program in 2012. The SGCCI had collaborated with Thailand on the initiative, and a business delegation had visited Surat.

“Surat and south Gujarat is the core of industrial manufacturing,” said Dinesh Nawadia, President of SGCCI. Surat’s two most important industries are diamonds and textiles. The world-class Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) will be operating in the coming months, attracting tourists and purchasers from more than 117 countries across the world.”

“It is the finest chance for the Thai government to promote Gujarat tourism in Thailand,” Navadia remarked.