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Leading dietician from Surat Sunny Gupta helps people from India and abroad to transform their fitness

Dt Sunny Gupta

Many people often face difficulties in reducing weight. But under the guidance of Dt Sunny Gupta, many women have been able to bring a positive change in their lives. With the help of balanced food and detox diet advised by Dt Sunny Gupta, many people have lost weight significantly. Dt Sunny Gupta, the founder of 24 Refresh Fitness & Weight Loss Centre and one of the renowned dieticians of the city, has helped several people achieve their fitness goals, renew their personalities and lead a more confident life. “I am on a mission to make changes in people’s lives by guiding them towards a healthy and detox diet. We have seen amazing results where people have lost as much as 13 kgs in 40 days to reach towards health and fitness,” adds Sunny Gupta.

“I am 23 years old. I tried everything, including gym, Zumba, fasting, which didn’t lead me to desired results. I achieved desired results under the guidance of Dt Sunny Gupta without starving myself. My lifestyle has been completely changed now. I eat healthy food and feel fresh and healthy throughout the day. I have reduced approx 10 kgs within 45 days under the guidance of Sunny Sir. We believe that dieting is similar to fasting, which is a myth, and your weight increases once you leave all the diet precautions. But all these myths we busted by Dt Sunny Gupta, whose diet plan never makes you feel that you are starving. Hence, I would strongly recommend Dt Sunny Gupta’s consultation for weight loss.”

(L) Harleen Oberoi and (R) Saloni Shah
  • Saloni Shah, Entrepreneur, Surat (Gujarat)

“I am thankful to the extremely helpful diet plans of Dt Sunny Gupta.  Following his detox and diet plans helped me to lose approx 13 kgs in 40 days. We have seen impressive results in his diet plans. Once my weight was 75 kgs which have reduced to 62 kgs now. Now I feel much more energetic throughout the day. Dt Sunny Gupta has helped me immensely to reach my goal, and I am thankful to him.”

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  • Harleen Oberoi, Chartered Accountant, Germany

For more information, visit: www.dtsunnygupta.com/