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PrateekToshniwal, a successful CA in the city provides coaching to aspiring CA students

Prateek Toshniwal

Surat: Prateek Toshniwal, an Investor, Financial Advisor, Tax & Business Consultant, Networker& Mentor, juggles multiple roles with aplomb. Professionally a Chartered Accountant, Prateek is an Investor and Networker by passion, and he loves to explore and fail! He thinks that failure is the biggest reason for growth, and the more you fail, the more you will taste success!

He is a partner in one of the well-established CA firms of Surat H.TOSNIWAL & CO, which was established in 1990 by his father, his mentor and idol.

Apart from being a successful CA, he has mentored many aspiring students in taxation, marketing, leadership, and finance! He is known for his thought of ‘GIVING’. He believes that giving is the toughest thing to do and receiving, the easiest! He shares his knowledge and provides mentoring and advice to help students pursuing CA think differently, prioritise tasks, and get the right strategies to succeed in their careers. As a mentor, he further provides students with guidance and an action plan to ensure professional growth and success.

During his extensive career span, he has faced many challenges and overcame them with diligence and confidence. He has learned the hard way that there should be multiple sources of income that ensures security in life. He firmly believes that if you are not earning while you are sleeping, then you definitely are working till eternity! He advises that ‘Do not work on making money, work on creating several sources of income which will never let you fall even if the markets turn upside down! Moreover, you may fall, but if you do not enjoy the fall, you will never taste the rise!’

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Holding on to the virtues of patience, dedication and integrity, which are his strongest pillars, Prateek goes out of his way to help others. He emphasises not just business goals but also fulfilling social responsibility. He is one of the Vice-President’s of the Youth Committee of Youth Nation, which has a motto of Drug-Free City. The tagline is ‘Say No to Drugs, Yes to Life’. He has a vision of serving humanity and is forming a foundation that can serve the people! Known as ‘the king of time management,’ he is the most punctual person in his circle.

He has always believed in collaborating and not competing. His positive mindset has always been the reason for his career growth. Prateek is very keen on trying new things, and he loves to gain experience from people and surroundings.

With a mindset of an Achiever, he is on a mission to enrich students and professionals’ lives through his expert knowledge and unique business advice.