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Priya Shah, the Number One Wedding Matchmaker in India and Abroad

Dr. Priya Shah, The Elite Matchmaker

August 25: Who says it is easy being a millennial? Being a single Indian millennial who is on the lookout to make an engaging and meaningful connection at the right age is not less challenging. Matchmaking is not an easy job; it needs a single person to see the age-old traditions and beliefs of not one but two individuals.

Although stats show that weddings were affected by the restrictions on the gathering, that did not stop people from getting married and finding the best match. With an estimated 450 million mobile internet users, India’s information technology revolution is transforming the matrimonial market, traditionally dominated by marriage negotiators and intermediaries and ads in newspapers. But online matchmaking services are encroaching.

Today many youngsters are changing the way elite matchmaking works. The youngsters today have access to find someone they can truly connect with entirely. A hands-on experience is required to understand the requirements of an individual for premium matchmaking. An elite matchmaker is aware of the needs of today’s individuals and what they want in their partner.

Dr. Priya Shah is an elite matchmaker who makes a prominent, noticeable difference in the matchmaking industry. She has done a PhD in marriage counselling. Dr. Shah treats her clients like family members. She presents the groom or bride with their bio-data and photos, all information about families’ background, candidate qualities; nature; behaviour; culture, and upbringing from childhood. Dr. Priya Shah has been awarded the number one matchmaker with the Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Award, The Youngest Matchmaker Award from The Times of India, Ashok Stambh Award, Nari Ratna Award and many more prestigious awards of excellence in her field. She says,” the boys and the girls must select the right partner – a life partner who takes care of the other, under all circumstances.”

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It will not be wrong to say that today, premium matchmaking individuals have too many choices with too little time. They are known for low patience levels, and their focus is always on an instant connection. What they need to understand is that quick fixes don’t work while getting to know someone. It is precisely what is happening with major conventional matchmaking sites because they throw unnecessary choices for an elite matchmaking client.

Elite matchmaking has high benchmarks for eligibility and credibility and ensures that only those serious about getting married sign up to the service. For more details about elite matchmaking experts, services, and industry updates, visit https://www.priyashahthematchmaker.com/  and http://www.theelitematchmaker.com/.