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24-Year Old Pune-based Renowned Fitness Trainer and Entrepreneur Would Be an Inspiration for Millennials

July 13: Taiyab Sultan Patel, commonly known as Taiyab, is a USA-based Certified Fitness Trainer. He consistently holds the badge for being one of the best fitness trainers in Pune. The incredibly hardworking, Taiyab, is a multi-tasker and runs other businesses too.  He runs an Event Management Company, a Digital Marketing Agency, a Centralized AC Manufacturing business, and also has Energy Drink Distributorship. He belongs to a typical Indian middle-class family but has some big plans in mind. His determination and strong willpower will truly inspire most millennials of the 21st century.

The bright and young fitness enthusiast got a passion for fitness while he was pretty young. The 24-year old pioneer fitness trainer was first persuaded to join the gym back in grade 10 when Taiyab was just 15. And eventually, he developed great interest and goals specific to the overwhelming fitness field. He aimed to be the best fitness trainer in his city and he pretty much achieved his goal by attaining immense fame and success in his field.

Taiyab Patel believes success can only be achieved through strong determination to turning your biggest dreams into reality. This is probably why he never let the constant general and financial limitations of the middle-class get in his way. The way of becoming the best fitness trainer in Pune. So, he started working at an age when his fellow batchmates were having the time of their lives. And he chose to make a resourceful career out of event management apart from fitness training.

The self-conscious and inspiring youth has held events and worked for renowned brands like ITC, Castrol, Nestle, and Volvo amongst many others. He could earn a good sum of money to get nearer to his dreams and aspirations through managing such events. Later on, his newfound interest and expertise in the event management field motivated him to start his own company. His company, Reform Events, is doing pretty well and is quite renowned in Pune. Such a resourceful career greatly helped him fund his biggest aspiration and help him pursue the topmost certified fitness training course from a globally recognized USA-based academy.

Taiyab says, “I love connecting with people and help them. I want to add value to their lives and motivate them to make the healthiest lifestyle choices. And direct them in the right direction while balancing their efforts.”

His biggest motivation to get into the fitness field has been the fact that he was once overweight. He was over 100 kgs before he got into the field. He understands the pain of being overweight, the illnesses it attracts, and the fat that hampers one’s overall health and well-being. And that’s what led him on choosing the fitness industry.

He says, “I can closely feel the pain of people who suffer from weight problems. I know how unhealthy lifestyle choices one gets accustomed to making. But now, I have figured out the perfect route that could open their eyes and help them switch to healthier lifestyle choices.”

Taiyab Sultan Patel has certainly come a long way since then and trains famous celebrities and public figures today. He has been part of several transformation success stories and is known for providing the best fitness training services in Pune.

The 1997-born fitness enthusiast plans on celebrating his birthday in a Pune-based NGO on the 14th of July. He loves children and recognizes their potential as soon as he interacts with them. He hopes to help as well as inspire them to make it big and never be demotivated by their limitations.

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