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“4th Fresh India Show 2022 (Fis 2022)” to be held on 3 – 4 June 2022!

New Delhi, May 30: In recent times, primarily in India, the per capita consumption of different Fruits & Vegetables has increased between 15-25%. The import and demand for fresh produce, frozen, cut & packed products and beverages have also increased. According to trade sources, the supply of F&V products will be rising further, keeping in view its nutritional values. Consequently, Indian growers have been buying more planting materials of fresh produce like Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry, Citrus fruits, etc., to cater to the rising demand. Investments from major corporate and big growers in hi-tech greenhouses & hydroponic projects are adding value to the horticulture industry in India in terms of commercialization.


Indian Imports of has been doubled in the last year

As per the sources of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and a report released by Fresh Intelligence analysis, Apple imports more than doubled year-on-year to a record high of 436,194 tonnes, up from 215,538 tonnes in 2020, and major exporters are Iran, Turkey, Chile, Italy, the UAE, New Zealand, Brazil, Afghanistan and USA.


Orange imports increased more than three-fold to 153,296 tonnes, driven by a surge in exports from Egypt. The North African nation shipped 126,000 tonnes of oranges to India in 2021. Australia was the third-largest supplier. Kiwifruit is the third largest import category, even though kiwifruit imports also grew strongly, rising by 43 per cent year-on-year to 67,247 tonnes. Again, Iran was the leading supplier, with direct shipments of almost 30,000 tonnes, up 51 per cent by 2020, apart from UAE, Chile and New Zealand.


Beyond the top three fruit import categories, Pear, Avocados, Cherries and Blueberries all recorded strong growth in 2021


Considering the significance of this rising sector, Media Today Group is pleased to organize the “4th Fresh India Show 2022 (FIS 2022)” to be held on 3rd-4th June 2022 in New Delhi. FIS 2022 includes important segments, i.e., Fresh India Global Conference, Exhibition, Networking Meet and Awards. This event aims to strengthen the F&V industry in India and connect global players. It will further improve the way of agri-businesses and per capita availability, consumption and demand across the Globe. FIS 2022 will enhance the industry’s outlook through an engaging program of presentations, panel discussions, buyer-seller meetings and networking opportunities.


Under the Convenorship of Mr. Gokul Patnaik, Former Chairman APEDA and Chairman Global AgriSystems Pvt. Ltd., an organizing committee has been formed by the Chief Coordinator Mr S Jafar Naqvi. The senior Government officials, executives and stalwarts of the fresh produce industry have been invited from organizations like Agri Ministry, APEDA, NHB, NAFED, FIFI, Adani Agri Fresh, Mahindra Agri, ITC Group, Sahyadri Farms, Reliance Fresh, Blinkit, JM Baxi & Company, I G International, Suri Agro Fresh, Desai AgriFoods etc.


FIS 2022 is among one of our annual must-attend events and expo events for India’s fresh fruit and vegetable business, including the cold chain Industry. This event is exclusively intended to provide opportunities to see, learn, do and explore. As per the fresh Industry experts, our event is among one the emerging platforms for expanding your business connections and helping you stay ahead in this exciting market, i.e., India.


As per S. Jafar Naqvi, “Our vision is to attract more than 600+ decision makers (live & digitally) from different nations including producers, wholesalers, importers, and exporters, retailers, as well as for cold-chain & supporting industries. While connecting with other nations, the event will provide an opportunity to exhibit your range of products and services. The conference will highlight the key changes happening globally; understand the newest trends & best practices in production, supply, marketing, technology and consumer behaviour and demands’.

“Let’s join this vibrant sector’s event and be a part of our exciting journey…”