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7th National Handloom Day – An Insight

Author Article by Mr Manish Abani, Proprietor at Ganesh Handicrafts, Jodhpur.

The current NDA government, led by the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recognized 7th August as National Handloom Day in 2015 to boost the morale of the handloom sector across the country. In 1905, on the same day, Swadeshi Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi had encouraged the local traders and workers of the indigenous industry in the British Raj.

The handloom industry is a metaphor for India’s rich traditional and cultural heritage and a significant source of livelihood for rural and semi-rural populations. The handloom industry has been actively boosting the socio-economic development of the country for decades. The handloom industry has been given tax exemptions to boost the manufacturing, trade, exports and overall sector.

Each state has its cultural heritage and handloom speciality. Every place has its folktales. The handloom industry speaks those folk stories of the region. For instance, the Rajasthani handloom industry speaks a lot about Rajputana style, Rajputs, DholaMaru, Mira Bai, Rajasthani culture, Rajputs lifestyle, and many more through a range of products.


It is really encouraging to see the Centre Government is encouraging the Handloom Industry so actively. Today, on 7th National Handloom Day, the Ministry of Textiles conducted a virtual event. Our Prime Minister also expressed his support with the tagline ‘My Handloom My Pride’.

I am running a family-owned traditional handicraft and handloom business for nearly two decades based in Rajasthan. It was founded by my reputed and respectable grandfather Seth Shri Sumer Chand Sa Abaniji seven decades ago at the historically significant market of Clock Tower in Jodhpur. He was a pioneer in Jodhpur for the handicrafts and handloom sector, and with time it has just grown well.

With our customer base in Australia, Canada, the USA, Europe, Dubai and other parts of the world, we get positive reviews about the Indian Handlooms. With my two decades of experience, I can say that Indian Handloom is preferable and valued by the western world.

We take this occasion to thank the Central Government to recognize the Handloom Industry and its contribution to the nation’s exports, GDP, and growth.