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A 26yr old girl entrepreneur sets the wheels in motion of logistics extraordinarily! Bags Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) : A girl with a dream is Nikita Maheshwari who made it come true. After all, becoming a young entrepreneur is not a piece of cake. It all started way back in 2016 with an inspiration by various Tech start-ups whilst also realizing the lack of young entrepreneurs in the core manufacturing industry or allied businesses like logistics and supply chain management. She was totally encouraged with that very thought and with the ability to transform that sector from the grass-roots, she launched Tatkalorry Private Limited along with her partners.

Gujarat houses 90% of the production capacity for the ceramic industry. Despite that, the industry lacked organized logistics and supply chain management. There were several service providers, however, they were not in a position to offer sustainable solutions in the realm of infrastructure development, organization of the labour force and reasonable consumption patterns.

In a bid to fill such long-standing gap, Tatkalorry Private Limited has the permanent and feasible solution. As a boutique logistics and supply chain management company, Tatkalorry is no less than a boon to the manufacturing facilities which can help transport goods and help manage supply chain with excellent dexterity and professional modus operandi.

In about three years since the inception of such a happening startup, Tatkalorry has bagged many prestigious accolades and awards under its belt.  Among the notable one is the National Entrepreneurship Award 2019 by the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship on 9th November 2019. Add to more, the company boasts being the proud recipient of the SSIP StartupPrashansha Award by the Gujarat Government in June 2019 and also the Start Smart Jury Award West Zone in association with NUJS and NITI Ayog which was bagged in December 2018.

Nikita along with her partners always had a vision   to contribute to the 5 trillion dollar economy of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Tatkalorry understands that Logistics and SCM is the backbone of any manufacturing and production-based industry. Especially, after the implementation of GST, EWAY bill and major improvements in the Highway network, companies like Tatkalorry will be crucial in achieving the GDP target. Tatkalorry ensures that the ceramic industry in the State of Gujarat and India metamorphosizes into a sustainable and economically viable industry. They pay attention to the welfare of our workers, truck operators and other vulnerable stakeholders who in turn form the backbone of manufacturing units who contribute to the GDP.

“Tatkalorry has been consistently innovating in terms of its services such as the introduction of part-load and implementing extra shock absorbing inner lining in their vehicles to reduce breakage. The company is planning to commission a state-of-the-art travel hub where the working conditions of their truck operators and workers will be humanized including boarding and lodging.  The company puts the highest regard for the interest of vulnerable workgroups”, added Ms. Nikita.

Furthermore, with its unique franchise model, Tatkalorry encourages the entrepreneurial spirited people to begin their business as an agent of the company with a minimum investment of 5-7 lakhs (INR) only, who not only can grow their business multiple folds but will generate employment as well. Tatkalorry has revolutionized the consumption patterns in the industry. With its part-loading services, stalwarts like Somany Tiles, RAK, Nexion, Kajaria, Lioli, Quotone, Jhonson, AGL, Motto and 600 other companies have reposed their faith upon Tatkalorry for their consumer supply chain management.


About Company:

Tatkalorry specializes in the movement of Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary. The company is headed by a 26-year-old girl Nikita Maheshwari, who manages a sales and business partner team of 350+ (direct indirect stakeholders). Her board is an average of 35 years old and the company serves almost 2500 customers across the country on every level, their billing ranges from(INR) 1000 to 1,00,000 (INR), the company simplifies deliveries and serve all. In a mere time span of 3 years, it has churned a business of almost 12 crores. The company aims to become 100 crores top line in the next three years by reaching 40 mega cities, generate 10 folds more employment and move to other fragile products of building and construction material.