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A candid chat with Abhinav Anand, Cofounder, Quizbee

Quizbee, a B2C gaming platform founded by Mr. Amit Khaitan and Mr. Abhinav Anand, targets the knowledge edges of people, students, and job seekers. A go-to destination for quiz and trivia fans who want to test their knowledge and intelligence, Quizbee provides gamers with an immersive experience. They may play and compete on quizzes and get a chance to win real-time money. In contrast to other chance-based games, Quizbee, a product of Intelligence Game Pvt Ltd, is a game of skill in which the player invests time in learning, practising, and honing talent.

Quizbee was born with the thought of educating children through game-based learning. Abhinav Anand explains the inception of Quizbee, “During covid, all saw that the game-time on mobiles and tablets shot up to dangerously high levels. Most of the time was going into fighting or arcade games that were growing in number like mushrooms. We thought it would be good to have a game around knowledge so that while having fun, the players also end up learning things that might help them in the future.”

When they tried to give shape to the idea of QUIZBEE, Abhinav and the team realised that the whole picture was not just the game. A complete ecosystem was needed to make it a platform with immense scaling potential. The discussions over the ideas started with a few people. Fortunately, they received seed funding very soon, which helped them build the basic structure for the application and launch it.

Talking about the most crucial habits for an entrepreneur, Abhinav says, “Many entrepreneurs suggest that focusing on simple changes in your business every day may lead to significant outcomes. I feel entrepreneurs should also focus on developing a few productive habits are the same way. Tiny, persistent practices can transform your life for your personal development as an entrepreneur.

I like to follow these habits that I see effective in my growth and suggest my fellow entrepreneurs the same.”

  • Reading regularly
  • Setting tiny milestones, i.e., making sure you have small goals around your work so that you can measure your progress every day
  • Stay in the moment

Enjoying every moment of being an entrepreneur, Abhinav adds, “It is important that what you are doing is what you want to do. It’s a simple thing to say, but in reality, most of us do the jobs because of the associated financial security and not because that’s our passion in life. An entrepreneur gives up that security to follow his passion. Secondly, your problems are not of a certain type. For example, suppose you are a coder, or a project manager, or a tester. In that case, your knowledge needs to grow in a certain direction, like a eucalyptus tree. But as an entrepreneur, you have to be a banyan tree; you have to grow in every direction possible, giving you so many new & enriching experiences in life.”

Abhinav believes that learning how to prioritise work correctly is essential. “You will have multiple issues at every instant that will need your attention. It’s imperative to understand how to order them to get the best possible outcome for your time. As an entrepreneur, 24 hours are never enough. Also, since you are passionate about what you do, one of the difficult aspects is to find the right people who can help you walk the path and trust them with your baby,” he asserts.

“It’s almost impossible to stay on top of all the trends. There are so many moving parts these days in the industry. You have to remain focused on your product and have the habit of spending a couple of hours reading content and watching related videos. The content management algorithms in today’s world are evolved enough to keep you up-to-date,” Abhinav Anand closes this candid chat.