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A mental wellness startup impacting lives and marking a social change

Founded by Mr. Krishna Veer Singh and Mr. Tarun Gupta, Lissun is a young mental health startup based in Gurugram, started in August 2021; it aims to normalising mental health and integrating it into primary healthcare in India.

Krishna Veer Singh ensures that the team is marching on the lines of growth in sync with the ultimate ambition of the brand. As the CEO of the platform, he manages the overall flow of investment and the process of utilising it effectively. With his qualification, experience, and wisdom, Krishna has been able to drive the platform in the right direction by putting light on the social aspect of “mental illness”.

Q – How has the journey of Lissun been to you?

Krishna Veer Singh – When we started LISSUN, it was out of our personal experiences. We wanted to impact lives and mark the onset of a social change. Seven months down the line, we have encouraged thousands of people to offload any hesitation and be vocal about their emotional and mental challenges, seek help, get treatment and embark on a wellness journey. We have tied up with over 100 doctors and more than 10 hospitals and ramping these numbers up. We have reached out to over 1000 healthcare stakeholders across the spectrum, from individual healthcare practitioners to institutionalised care. The entire picture certainly infuses a lot of satisfaction and joy in us.

Q – Share some insights into the company’s business model.

KVS – We work by integrating mental health into more extensive healthcare or places where clients can benefit from mental and emotional wellness support. We currently charge for therapies/counselling done by certified practitioners of LISSUN. We are planning to introduce group bookings and launch a subscription of the product in the future.

Q – What is the one thing that always keeps you motivated?

KVS – For businessmen, it usually is to build something, but it is always the impact for the founders. We feel that creating an impact on society and having a mission itself holds a lot of zeal. We are working on a mission to destigmatise dialogue on mental health and make it affordable and accessible to the masses. This mission itself is so big and relevant in present times.

Q – Being an entrepreneur, what is the word of advice that you would like to give to the people?

KVS – From an entrepreneur’s perspective, the early days demand more than what the following period would. When you are struggling even to establish your existence in the initial stage, you need people who would stick with you and help you build the idea. In this period, you must always look out for those who share the same energy and believe in your vision and concept. Usually, when you build a team, you would go by the experience, but when it is about the ‘firsts’, make it a point to go by the synergies.

Q – What are your plans, vision and mission?

KVS – We have always registered a notable presence online. We have a website and an android app currently. Additionally, we are working on developing our iOS app. We have also gone ‘phygital’ with the launch of our first offline centre in Muzaffarnagar, U.P. Phygital approach gives people an experience of what to expect from us digitally as they proceed in their wellness journeys.
In future, we aim at penetrating deeper into the society, especially in tier 2 and tier 3, where there are very few certified clinical psychologists and counsellors per 1000 population.