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Aatika Manzar – Creating Chronicles with Spaces

Every space speaks, and every vacant space is just a crafty vision away from a beautiful mould; architect and interior designer Aatika Manzar, with over 100 projects in her array, embodies this vision and is on a constant rise in her field.

Aatika Manzar is an inspiration for women entrepreneurs who aspire to become prominent on their terms. Aatika holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Jamia Millia Islamia and a Masters in Interior Design from Birmingham City University with an added experience of more than ten years, spread across the Middle East and India.

With an interest in Mathematics and a passion for designing, Aatika mixed the two and chose architecture and interior designing. After returning from The UK, she worked with some of the most prestigious brands and known industry names before setting up her firm.

Aatika Manzar Designs, a creative partnership founded four years ago, is Aatika’s brainchild. Her studio takes pleasure in working successfully in both indoor and external spaces and substantial architectural areas with the most exquisite features. Projects such as the Freemason’s Brewery, Playboy club, Bombay bakery, Station Bar, Out of the Box, Modern Bazaar, and others are examples. They’ve worked on a wide range of projects, including hospitality, retail, and design, as well as residential, hotels, shopping malls, and department stores.

The company boasts of being the only Indian design studio to have created over 40 department stores around the country, each with its own set of new, distinctive, and inventive designs and themes.

In 2020, Aatika Manzar Designs worked on a unique and challenging project, a book café called ‘Merak’, designed to be fully accessible to those differently-abled. The cause struck a chord with Aatika; thus, the design incorporated ramps for wheelchair access and navigation lanes with tac tiles for the sight-impaired. The restrooms were created with inclusivity in mind. This café became India’s first “accessible to everyone” café after extensive research and study.

Lately, the studio has also extended its focus on residential constructions and has worked on penthouses and high-end resolution projects.

Since Aatika is an expert in architecture and interiors, the studio helps the clients curate their vision in every aspect, from the tiniest pin to the last piece of artefacts bought for the house.

Aatika’s short-term wish-list includes renovating an ancient haveli, a factory, or even an abandoned vintage site and turn it into an exclusive hotel or restaurant. Adaptive reuse, as a concept, ensures preserving the originality and spirit of the haveli or site for a more significant cause.