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Aatmanirbhar app is now available on the Google Play Store

New Delhi: As the name suggests, the Aatmanirbhar app aims at bringing radical independence for the Indian consumer by transforming the way consumers shop for any product. The app is also a portal for the local companies to add information about themselves and/or their products, thereby promoting “Be Vocal for Local” campaign initiated by the Indian government. This app will benefit all sections of Indian society, in particular, the common consumers and local businessmen. The idea of this app originated among team members on April 2, 2020, sometime before the clarion call of Prime Minister Modi to the Indian citizens for becoming self-reliant. The nefarious activities of the Chinese government against India coupled with the rising prices of imported commodities, compelled the Aatmanirbhar team to develop an app that helps in removing the crippling dependence of India on foreign countries for goods and services.

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Currently, Aatmanirbhar app is the only service that provides accurate and comprehensive information about thousands of Indian companies and gives an opportunity to local businesses to reach out to millions of consumers. We encourage the Indian consumers to support Indian companies not out of pity, but out of pride. To connect with the hearts of Indians, the Aatmanirbhar app also tells interesting stories about Indian companies. Some novel features of this app are listed below:

1. The user can know the country that benefits the most from a company or a product.

2. The user can see Indian alternatives for foreign companies and products

3. This app enables local Indian businesses to post about their companies and products.

4. This app shares interesting stories and facts about Indian companies that the user might not be aware of.

5. A user can create an Aatmanirbhar profile through which he/she can add and rate products or companies.

This app is highly moderated, and the privacy of users is given top priority. Also, quality is our top priority, so we are continuously working on improving the app and more features will be added in subsequent releases.Furthermore, the app uses advanced tools like flutter from Google that makes this app more secure and robust. The team behind this app has now formally founded the Aatmanirbhar Trust and comprises rocket scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, artists, and app programmers. Core team members include Dr. Kshitij Mall (Creative Head originally from Gorakhpur, UP, now at Purdue University, USA), Yash Agrawal (Lead Application Developer from Pune, Maharashtra), Rahul Verma (Strategy and Marketing Lead from New Delhi), Rahul Kumar (Legal Advisor from Ghaziabad, UP), Dr. Sapna Mittal (Public Relations Officer from Akola, Maharashtra), Anand Kumar (Treasurer from Ghaziabad, UP), Prathamesh Prabhu (Database Developer from Mumbai, Maharashtra, now at Iowa University, USA), Vikas Tiwari (IIM Ranchi alumnus; Business Manager from Mehsana, Gujarat), and Sakshi Agrawal (Digital Designer from Amravati, Maharashtra) and Abhishek Raj (Database Developer from Ghaziabad, UP). Dr. Daniel Rugeles from Singapore (originally from Colombia) is leading the user interface design. The theme songs including VandeMatram and Saare Jahaan Se Accha have been composed by a Japanese classical pianist and YouTuber, JapaniSawaPi, who loves India. The team was supportedby Gaurav Sharma, Arpit Mathur, Swapnil Rai, Shaily Parihar, Raja Manish, and Chandan Bothra.

To engage the community, the team has made many trailer videos and are sharing an awareness series about Indian companies called the Aatmanirbhar Facts. It took around ten months to build the live version of the app from scratch. The team is also an ardent supporter of Indian armed forces.