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Akshar Biotech – transforming biogas industry with environmental friendly energy technology solutions

July 29: Bioenergy, derived from biomass, is today’s main renewable energy source. And one such organization in Surat, Akshar Biotech, is offering innovative solutions to convert bio waste into energy.

Green Energy is Future, and the Future of Green Energy is Akshar Biotech private limited. This organization was established to tap and develop the renewable energy sources market and make the world a better place to live in with less pollution.

Leaving behind the old concept of extracting biogas from cattle dung, they have adopted the new effective technology to use a wide range of items such as food waste, agricultural residue, by-products of horticulture, fruit & vegetables, energy crops such as maize, organic municipal waste of vegetable, waste of garden and parks, sewage sludge, and more. The extracted Biogas can be used to generate electricity in CNG vehicles and as domestic cooking gas, which can be transferred through the grid to nearby housing societies and industries.

They are highly efficient in creating customized Biogas Plants based on the availability of substrates specific to the location and as per the individual client requirement. All the equipment used in the making of the Biogas Plant is precision engineered to meet the specific requirement of the customers. They have a brilliant team that provides outstanding customer technical and maintenance support.

Akshar Biotech Private Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of – Biogas Plant, Waste to Energy, Renewable Energy, Organic Waste Energy, and Waste Food Biogas Plant. They have worked for various reputed clients in Gujarat. Some of their projects include – Atmiya Vidyamandir, Koli bharthana, Kamrej surat (Capacity of 500 kg food and vegetable waste) biogas used supplied directly to the kitchen. At Banshi Gir Gaushala, Ahmedabad (Capacity 1000 kg cow dung) and Tejal Gaushala, Bardoli, Surat (1000 kg cow dung), biogas is supplied to the direct kitchen and boiler. They also worked for Agriculture produce market committee, Surat (50,000kg vegetables and food waste) 5000 cubic meter row biogas development plant purification plant 2200 kg CBG, where biogas use directly supplied to Gujarat Gas Company and Indian Oil Corporation Surat. And that gas is being sold directly at CBG Pump Maroli Surat Navsari Road, operated by Indian Oil Corporation. And the liquid and solid fertilizer coming out of it is being sold at a very concessional price, thus giving relief to the farmer brothers from unnecessary expenses. By using the manure and liquid manure from this plant in agriculture, a chemical-free vegetable, fruit, grain, and pulse crop can be produced in large quantities. And its use makes people’s lives healthy.

In May 2021, they collaborated with Agriculture produce market committee, Shree Chimanbhai Jivabhai Patel market yard, Vasna Ahmedabad (30,000 kg vegetable and food waste and cow dung) 3000 cubic meters row biogas plant this gas purification 1200 kg CBG gas plant this gas use supplied to industries.

Recently Akshar Biotech Private Limited Company disposed of 70 tonnes of waste from Victory Green Energy Private Ltd Company located in Dhamdod and purified 7000 cubic meters of raw biogas, and produced 1800 kg of pure biogas, which is used as CBG in a three-wheeler and four wheeler vehicles through a pipeline at the petrol pump. In the coming month of January, Bahadur Garh, Jhajjar Mosa Pvt Ltd Company will dispose of 70 tonnes of cow dung and Napier grass and purify 7000 cubic meters of raw biogas and produce 1800 kg of pure biogas, which will be supplied to three-wheeler and four wheeler vehicles through pipeline at the petrol pump and used as CBG.

Directors of Akshar Biotech Private Limited Company are Bharat Savaliya, Sadhana Savaliya, and Ramdas Lashkari, whose clear vision is on a mission to create environmental sustainability and energy independence through the development of the biogas industry and are doing commendable work in this regard.  Along with this, the important mission is to bring the pure organic solid and liquid fertilizer that comes out as a by-product of the biogas plant to the farmers, improving their standard of living. Akshar Biotech Pvt Ltd is thus doing commendable work in reducing carbon dioxide emissions from waste and creating a sustainable environment and energy independence.