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Alice Blue sees growth in Commodities trade

The firm has registered a quarter-on-quarter growth of 36% in and 15% for Q1 and Q2 2022 compared to the corresponding period last year.

Bengaluru:  Alice Blue has registered healthy growth in Commodities trade during the first two quarters of FY 2022. The firm has reported a quarter-on-quarter increase of 36% in and 15% for Q1 and Q2 2022 compared to last year’s corresponding period. Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Aluminium were among the highest-grossing commodities traded at Alice Blue.

 Mr. Sidhavelayutham, CEO and Founder, Alice Blue, said, “despite the volatility in the global markets due to the ongoing war & other global factors, traders and investors have shown increased optimism in the commodities market. We hope this trend will also show positive results over the next two quarters.”

Considering market speculations, most market experts are signalling an approving nod to the commodity market’s energy segment (Crude, Natural Oil). Talking about the other categories, the experts are offering mixed predictions. But overall, the market looks promising as of now, and with sound research and proper knowledge, traders and investors will be able to cash out profits from commodity trading.

Alice Blue is an award-winning brokerage firm by MCX. It is also known for its LOWEST BROKERAGE of Freedom Rs 15 (F15 Plan) for Intraday and F&O. Further, Alice Blue gives Rs 500 on every customer referral. Additionally, the customer gets 10% of the brokerage their friend pays for life, and they receive 10% cash back on brokerage for 30 days. Additionally, the company offered a premium course on options trading worth Rs 1500 for free for both new and existing clients as a referral bonus.

Alice Blue offers a host of web and app-based trading products that are smart and simple to use. The company offers the ANT – An advanced (Web & App) based Trading Platform for its users, which offers the convenience of trading even on the go. It has the unique feature of offering seamless trading even from remote places with low internet speeds.

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