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Alpha Coach launches EVOLVE a free diet-coaching application

This first-of-its-kind application is best suited for people who want to manage their body weight through a healthy combination of proper nutrition and activity built around their preferences and lifestyle. The patent-pending algorithm curates personalized calorie and macro recommendations for users based on the weekly changes in their metabolism. With a voice-enabled food-logging experience, the platform claims to be the fastest food-logging app that uses Adaptive Intelligence

Mumbai: Alpha Coach, a Mumbai-based fitness technology start-up, launches an entirely free diet coaching app – “Alpha Coach Evolve”. This is their second product after their flagship premium hyper-personalized one-to-one coaching – Alpha Coach Elite.

Alpha Coach Evolve claims to be one of the fastest food logging apps and comes with an automated engine that helps users make the best food choices based on their metabolism. The application program uses AI/ML technologies that account for user habits, lifestyles, eating preferences, and other relevant parameters. The application adapts with the user over time. The algorithm also predicts a timeline for the user to reach their body-weight goals, following the recommended plan. With a goal-based approach, Alpha Coach Evolve helps users lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight. 

The patent-pending algorithm uses food and body-weight logs to calculate metabolism accurately, a method used by coaches and athletes. Then, the system also makes program adjustments for the users each week based on progress. The application seamlessly integrates with multiple wearables for activity tracking and other metrics.

The key highlight of the app is the “Daily Alpha Score”, or DAS, which is a single consolidated indicator of the user’s compliance with the program; the app guarantees results within the predicted timeline if the user simply scores a DAS of 70 or more every day.

“The Evolve application will be useful to those who want to manage their weight but aren’t able to stick to rigid diet programs. Being a Chartered Accountant and working in financial services for 23+ years before founding Alpha Coach, I know first-hand how inhibitive and difficult it can be for busy professionals to get started on a fitness journey. This app does everything for you – from helping you build an initial program to making weekly adjustments; it’s almost like having an expert coach working with you. It requires under 5 minutes a day to log all your meals. With the free app, anyone can start their fitness program immediately and start seeing progress within a matter of weeks”, said Ketan Mavinkurve – CEO & Founder of Alpha Coach.

“We are thrilled to have built this product in less than nine months with scalable tech, data pipelines and inference systems that can evolve into ML models. However, this is just a start. With this technology, we aim to bridge the gap between setting fitness goals and staying consistent with a new approach. A fully automated coaching platform without a coach that’s personalized, accessible, and affordable!” – said Vishnu Venugopal – Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Alpha Coach.

The key features and benefits of Alpha Coach are listed below 

Product Features

  • Goal-based macro-nutrient plan generated in less than 2 minutes
  • Accurate weekly adjustments in your macronutrient plan based on metabolism
  • Voice-based food logging, making it the fastest food-logging app in the world
  • Vast-verified food database with over 18,000 Indian foods and regional recipes. 
  • A clear indicator of a timeline to reach a particular weight goal
  • Daily Alpha Score, a program compliance score that helps you hit your weight goals


  • Reach your body-weight goal by investing only 5 minutes in a day
  • No hard diets; manage weight at your own pace and on your terms!
  • Simple, easy-to-use app – without the overwhelm
  • Connect with a range of health apps and wearables to track your activity