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Amazon’s bestselling author Mahin B.S coming up next with a book about Venture capitalism

Mahin B.S’ book “The Billion Buck Business” chronicles a wide scope of ideas about business development for youngsters who want to become financially independent. He wrote his first book at the age of 22. Now he announces his next book ‘Venture Capitalism’ to be published soon.

At the height of the pandemic, when the lockdown and job losses hit India, there are lots of youngsters struggling to earn money for their daily requirements. “THE BILLION BUCK BUSINESS” focussed on providing ideas and strategies for an individual looking to grow their carrier prospects, become a business developer.

Mahin points out business development in the real deal of today and tomorrow for both sides, the business and the business developer in building successful businesses.

He acquired a degree in Aerospace Engineering and started a business while still in college. Now he is the CEO of one of the most reputed stock market companies, Venteskraft. So he switched to entrepreneurship along with writing.

“The moment I saw “The Billion Buck Business“ one of the best sellers in Amazon it made me more at ease and full of contentment,” he says.

His writing provides lots of points with relevant information moreover his words are concise, persuasive, and prompt.

Mahin BS comes under the list of bestseller positions in Amazon. Two books namely “Meet Your Daily Expenses With Stock Market” and “The Billion Buck Business” have held a special allure for readers by Mahin BS. His writings mostly enclose business criteria. He has been popular throughout the media for his remarkable ingenuity. He is not just an incredible author but also an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, trainer, and investor. He achieved success very easily in his career and is now guiding people across the world in writing their success stories.

What makes him different is his writings convey ideas in such a way that the reader will capture them unambiguously and rapidly. The two books capture the reader’s attention by their effective and comprehensive objectives.