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Amid The Energy Crisis, Let’s Meet a Green Entrepreneur

There are grim reports of a looming energy crisis in India. Every day there are a lot of speculations in the media and social media of reports that many coal-based power plants are on the verge of shutting operations due to coal shortages. On the other hand, the central government is busy giving reassurances that there is no coal shortage and there will be no power crisis. These contradictory reports have fuelled fears and concerns among the common man about the actual situation. Only time will tell if we are heading towards an immediate energy crisis or if the problem has been blown out of proportion.

Amid the confusion and worries, let us speak with an expert, someone who is an authority as far as energy conservation of power saving is concerned. The expert we are referring to is Surat’s noted industrialist Viral Desai, who is popularly known as Greenman. Viral Desai is the only individual who has received four awards from the Indian government for energy conservation, which includes three awards in consecutive years, a record that no other global corporate has achieved. Viral Desai’s textile processing plant has been running on a hundred per cent wind power for almost two decades. He is contributing to the conservation of millions of litres of water every year by rainwater harvesting. He has also made a rare contribution to environmental protection by planting and managing more than 1.50 lakh trees and creating the 1st green railway station of India based on the concept of environment, the green Udhna railway station and the 1st miyawaki forest of Indian railways, the Shahid Smriti Van Udhna.

When we reached out to Viral Desai to know his thoughts on the power crisis, he shared some fascinating views. If his ideas are implemented on a larger scale, we as a country can undoubtedly touch several milestones. Here are his thoughts in his own words:

Even if there is a crisis, it won’t be a lasting one.

If the government is telling us that there is no coal shortage and there won’t be any, we must believe it. No one knows more about the situation than the government. But for a moment, let us assume that a coal shortage does occur, and it leads to a power crisis; I am confident it will not be a lasting one. Any crisis will only be a temporary one. There are different reasons for the coal shortage. It is not that we do not have coal stocks. In fact, India has one of the largest proven coal reserves in the world. Coal production may have been impacted at some mines due to weather conditions, which could have led to some shortage, but I firmly believe any energy crisis will only be a fleeting one. But, power crisis or not, we as citizens must make efforts to shift to renewable energy in the interest of our planet.

Power conservation is the biggest service to our Nation and will help secure the future of the generations to come.

I believe that conserving energy is also a significant service to the country. Usually, people feel a sense of inferiority while turning off the switches, but few people think that avoiding electricity wastage is your moral duty. If all of us cultivate the attitude to switch off lights, AC’s, and even digital screens when not in use, we will be able to save lakhs of units of electricity. I even say that people who are indifferent to power consumption are, in a way, indifferent to the country. Whether there is a power crisis or not, our efforts to conserve power can undoubtedly lead to electricity savings worth crores, which in itself is a huge contribution to the country. It can also bring the pollution down considerably. Moreover, each of us can voluntarily observe “Earth Hour” for a few hours every week by switching off all electric appliances. Such initiatives in a large number of homes can lead to an energy revolution and contribute to serving the nation.

Encourage those who conserve energy and switch to renewable sources of energy generation.

There are many industrial units and entire segments that have switched to renewable energy sources. These units or segments are generating electricity worth billions of rupees every year by tapping renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. I believe the government must encourage such initiatives. With a shift of attitude and awareness of  common people and there backing there will be a big inspiration and influence for Industries to shift to renewable sources.This could be by introducing a special ranking or classification system for products made using renewable energy. Huge display boards can be put outside the each industry mentioning their initiatives of energy and water conservation. Just a mention on the packaging would possibly encourage more consumers to opt for such products. This would also encourage other industries to go green and help the country take a big leap towards renewable energy. As a society, we must appreciate and felicitate people who have switched to renewable energy. This will lead to greater awareness of green energy and inspire more businesses to shift to renewable energy sources.