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Amit Kumar Balecha’s Indian Traditional Foods spreading wings worldwide!

Ahmedabad, January 5: ITF Foods Private Limited, a part of ITF Group. ITF stands for Indian Traditional Foods, and the punch line for umbrella brand ITF is “परदेश में लाये देश”. Awarded as the most promising Startup Award by a prestigious Indian achiever forum is a bootstrap startup and has spread its wings in the USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain, etc. ITF will shortly launch its products in India, Europe & the Far East in FY 2022. Various investor groups have approached ITF with investment proposals, which they will consider this year.
Mr Amit Kumar Balecha, Co-Founder & CEO of ITF, established ITF to spread Indian Traditional Foods on a Global platter in the most innovative way by keeping the taste and authenticity of the original recipes intact, which Indian diaspora people missed in foreign countries.
During the last year, ITF has brought a series of Innovations in the Global Food Industry. The first innovation of ITF was “GaramKadai – The Hot pot”, World’s first self-heating Instant Indian Food pack. GaramKadai had been featured in the prestigious Indus Expo 2021 and was recognized as an Innovative product of the year. Other Innovations of ITF are My Curry 123, Sandwich Pickles, etc. Recently ITF had launched the brand Gujjuben – The Taste of Gujarat.
ITF group has its International Sales & Marketing office based in Dubai, where they market their brands and are exclusive distributors of GCC for various reputed Indian food brands. Amit Kumar Balecha, who had worked two decades with different Indian food brands, i.e. Dabur, Bikaji, Ramdev, Bambino, Weikfield, etc., for the development of their global business, had joined the ITF group as co-founder who was ventured by her wife and International celebrity chef Mrs. Yojana Balecha.