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An award-winning Chartered Accountant & Mentor – Nishant S Mehta

September 16: Nishant S Mehta is a prominent name in the accounting social circle, with Nishant prominently being known for his mentoring skills. Bringing a slice of expertise from the Legal, Management, and Accounting field, it is indeed a lethal combination of know-how for any business person. Recognizing and honouring this feat, The India Book of Records has etched his name as the youngest person to complete three master’s degree courses he did by the age of 31 and 6 months.

Nishant is not only known for his business acumen but for being benignant as well. He is closely associated with many social causes involving Covid-19 Relief and Child and Women Empowerment. His expertise has facilitated these social institutions to manage their resources and garner more support. For his social contributions, Nishant has received felicitations many a time. “It’s the welfare of the people of my country that motivates me to do more. Although I have been fortunate, I would like to share my skills and fortune with the not so privileged as well. “Says a modest Nishant when quizzed on what keeps him going.

Nishant also mentors many start-ups, which goes a long way in helping the upcoming talents in the business. Some of his protégé’s have been award winners, Toogle Travels & Vempowerall. All being one of them. This one of its kind, Toogle is a Travel Networking company that provides its clients with an opportunity to review, compare, and select the best travel offers and plans available across the country to discover exotic locations as holiday options. Besides this, Nishant is also mentoring an upcoming social media company and a fashion aggregator, aiming to make their mark in the industry soon. “I see myself in my younger days when I choose the companies that approach me for mentorship.” Says Nishant. Giving to society is something that was imbibed in Nishant in his childhood by his family.

Nishant is currently the owner at his firm Nishant S Mehta and Company, which boasts of many a prominent clientele, but Nishant chooses to be modest and silent about it. Instead, he says his work speaks for itself, and he keeps on doing what destiny has ordained for him to do.