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“AND THE OATS”, First Indian Brand Based On OATS

"And The Oats", the revolutionary skincare brand by Skin Care Expert InderjeetKaur 'Indy'

New Delhi: With the launch of this stunning range, “AND THE OATS” have become the first Indian Brand based on the goodness of OATS.

Skin Care Expert InderjeetKaur Indy’s obsession with Oats is not just limited to her breakfast, but the more she experimented with the OATS, the more she realized the power of this superfood for radiant skin. Her DIY beauty mavens with oats became a passion, and today she is all set to introduce India’s first skincare range based on the goodness of oats- “AND THE OATS” in the Indian market.

InderjeetKaur Indy has been associated with the cosmetic and beauty industry for the last 8 years. A healthy lifestyle enthusiast, she started her journey in the marketing industry at 18 and was dealing in cosmetic and pharma raw materials. She wanted to focus on the skincare and cosmetic industry dedicatedly. During her professional stint, she learned the business module, the selection of raw materials, quality and their impact on the skin. Her brand, “AND THE OATS”, is for her love for this magical ingredient.

According to InderjeetKaur Indy-Skin Care Expert and the Director AND THE OATS, “Oats are incredibly healthy whole grain and a great source of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They are great moisturizers and deep exfoliators, reduce inflammation and have enormous benefits. “Oat looks very dry, but in reality, they have the highest lipid content of any grain cereal and the best nutrient sources with vitamins, proteins and oil. AND THE OATS is India’s first brand dedicated to Oats-based skin care products. We have been using oats for dry, itchy or irritated skin. It is used as an exfoliant, exuviating away dirt, oil and dead skin cells. AND THE OATS is a skincare product range based on enormous research and loaded with natural ingredients that do only good to your skin. The Brand is launching Face Wash and Face Scrub in the Indian Market. The range is Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Sulphate Free and Cruelty-Free.”

AND THE OATS FACE WASH, loaded with Vitamin C, deep Cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes skin for healthy, glowing and smooth skin. Vitamin C helps lighten up tanning, discolouration and other uneven skin tones. Oats powder gently exfoliates dead cells from the skin, promoting new cell regeneration to reveal healthy, glowing, smooth skin.

AND THE OATS FACE SCRUB gently penetrates deeply into pores to cleanse and nourish skin with all-natural, vegan ingredients like Oats, Coconut Shell Powder, Walnut, Apricot and Papaya, resulting in a soft, glowing skin tone. It is creamy and luxurious, with natural oats that gently remove dead skin cells, making it a must-have in your daily routine. An effective and easy skincare solution that saves time and provides a glow in no time.

InderjeetKaur Indy has transmuted her unique practices into powerful, effective, and trustworthy products that will replenish hydration levels, nourish your skin barrier and get you one step closer to achieving healthy, glass-like skin. AND THE OATS skincare range feels ultra-gentle and weightless on your skin and gives a holistic approach to skincare. She meticulously assesses her skincare range using mechanical laboratory instruments and product survey feedback. She also distributes the products to customer testers, who evaluate them on ease of use and the look and feel of their skin after a set period. Then these data points are culled together to determine the best skincare brand, i.e. AND THE OATS you can buy and rely upon.