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Appriffy Unveils Plans of Improving Employment of Tech Talents across India

Bangalore-based online marketplace, Appriffy, empowers the Indian economy by generating gainful employment opportunities for tech talents across India. The IT company meets versatile tech product requirements of individuals, startups, and enterprises across the national and international borders by providing world-class pre-vetted software developers from India to Global and Indian companies. The company has almost tripled the number of hirings by global companies in 2021. It aims to get over 500 developers placed by 2022. They are also on their way to develop an AI tool to improve the recruitment process.

Unemployment is certainly one of the biggest concerns of the Indian economy for the past few years. According to CMEI, the national unemployment rate has increased from July’s 6.95% to August’s 8.32% in 2021. The rapidly growing population, lack of planning, and defective economic planning are the major reasons for the lack of opportunities in India.

Appriffy is one such Indian tech platform that is dedicated to eradicating the ever-growing issue of unemployment. They are doing so by offering jobs to talented tech professionals and graduates. Hiring and retaining them will aid individuals, startups, and enterprises with globally acclaimed tech products and services. Their devious team of in-house tech developers, designers, and strategists provide end-to-end designing and innovative product development services to leading multinational corporations.

Muzafar Hussain, Founder and CEO of Appriffy, wants to enable the vast IT resource of India to strive for better employment. He says, “My aim is to create a platform that can help India developers realise their potential and get what they are worth.”

The Silicon Valley of India-based company’s main objective is to become a job employment generator. They are on a mission to solve the unemployment problem in India by offering needful clients a marketplace where they can find quality and pre-vetted Indian software developers, designers, and strategists.

Most Indian software tech developers with at least 3 to 4 years of experience make a salary between 8 to 10 lakhs annually. However, Appriffy has surely become a game-changer for tech talents across India during this pandemic time. The global software tech developer marketplace aids tech professionals across India to make an astonishing remuneration in the range of 40-60 lakhs and above.

Individuals, businesses, and startups of all kinds across be it in India or abroad can get in touch with this platform to find suitable and budget-friendly pre-vetted software developers and designers. What makes Appriffy even more unique is that the online website generates employment opportunities for job seekers in various fields such as hospitality, travel, finance, banking, e-commerce, insurance, automotive, healthcare, blockchain, retail, and much more.

Along with generating numerous employment opportunities to mend the country’s economic status, Appriffy is also significantly aiding their clients by tremendously saving their costs. Through helping them find as well as hire the right tech professionals to build and manage their world-class tech products.

You can learn more about Appriffy or get in touch with them by visiting