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Arpit Bakshi’s journey from being a Banker to Science-Mythology fictional writer

July 13: Equipped with the genius of serving a perfect blend of Indian mythology with science fiction in his novels, Arpit Bakshi is a young and prolific writer that hails from Gurgaon, India. A banker by profession, Arpit Bakshi possesses high intellect and creative talent that certainly reflects in his collection of books. After pursuing his master’s degree in finance from the University of RPI, New York, Arpit wanted to pursue a career in theoretical physics. But, Arpit’s love for the vast expanse of cosmos and curiosity about mythology and spirituality since childhood gravitated him to carry forth his journey from being an avid reader to a renowned writer.

Mr. Bakshi’s unique collection of books portrays the enigmatic fragrance of core Indian mythology with science-fiction, which adds an awe factor into the mind of readers. Manifesting his imagination into extraordinary tales, Arpit Bakshi meditates the best of both worlds in his novels, where the fictional characters illustrate the complexities of human emotions and underlying human values with a pinch of exoticism. Among his creations, the Maha Vishnu Trilogy book series and the first volume of The Code of Manavas are some of Arpit’s favorite collections.

The brilliant novelist believes in constantly expanding his knowledge through encyclopedias, research papers, books, and articles that can add some value to his artistic flair. He keeps on posting his worth reading short stories and poems on his blog –

Arpit’s parents are supportive of their son’s journey as a writer, and his father regularly indulges with the artist’s creations. Besides writing, Arpit enjoys cooking and creating exotic dishes for his friends and family.