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Automovill announces First Vehicle Accidental Claims App of India

New Delhi, February 15: Automovill, a full-stack mobility start-up, has launched India’s First Accidental Claims app for all Insurance agents/brokers across India. The application will help the brand build an interface with over one lakh agents across more than 20k Pincodes in India. The app is available for android devices, and by June-22, it will be launched for IOS users too.

The app will function as a complete motor insurance platform that serves end-to-end connecting agents, car owners, and the brand to facilitate any motor claim, simultaneously providing transparency in claims, offerings, cost, and services. An agent can simply sign up and register a claim case from the client. The case would further be submitted with Automovill, and upon estimate generation, the insurer will process it further. The process and status will be visible to the agent on the app.

“The idea behind launching this app is to reduce the claim cost by bringing more efficiency to the system for all the stakeholders (Insurance companies & Customers). As of date, Automovill is the leader in handling  Motor claims across India, providing not less than a 40% cost reduction compared to Authorized service providers. We understand the true estimates and can add speed and transparency to the entire system. It makes it easier for agents and customers to book and facilitate the claim. The app will solve that procedure for everyone,” said Mr. Mridu Mahendra Das, Co-Founder & CEO of Automovill.

The application will be further developed in-house into an advanced AI system to support the insurance claim estimation procedure. It will be built on fine AI technology to disrupt the complex motor insurance claim process that will be used to detect vehicle damage like dents generate estimates of insurance claims. It will handle the further process of sending the estimate and getting approvals from the insurers, thus reducing any discrepancies.

Currently, in phase -1, Automovill aims at onboarding at least 20k+Agents across the country and service about one lakh+ claims in the ongoing calendar year through this APP.