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Automovill announces new franchise business model

Aims at reaching 15 more cities through the new business channel and mark presence in 30 cities 

Bengaluru, May 17: Automovill, a full-stack mobility startup, has announced the launch of a new franchise model under the brand’s umbrella. The brand already runs two models- spokes and hubs. As per the new model, the initial stage is Spoke and the second stage is a hub, and finally, those hubs will be eligible to become the brand’s franchise.

Creating a clear distinction, the brand has kept Spokes as workshops where owners are independent and may work with any other player too, however, Hubs are largely controlled by Automovill, and are established at strategic locations. Whereas, in the new franchisee model Automovill will maintain 100% control to ensure the finest customer experience.

The new franchise model will follow basic SOPs and criteria including- a Min of 9 Trained and Dedicated manpower with 2 Lifts, a Washing Area, a paint booth, a Parking area (30+Cars Size) etc. The area of workshops could be somewhere in the range of 6000~ 7500 Sqft. In some cases, it will be beyond 15000+ also (based on the city and no of vehicles).

“We have been planning an aggressive expansion in India. Simultaneously, we also aim at upgrading the experience. The new franchise model shall serve both purposes for us. These new franchisees will be only run by people with prior vast experience in the automobile industry with running workshops and audiences. To ensure that the right people run these models for us, we have kept a three-stage graduation process- spokes, hubs, and then franchisee. We aim at launching 30 franchisees in the current fiscal, and expanding to at least 15 cities through this,” said Mr. Ramana Sambu, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, Automovill.

The brand clearly eyes launching 30 franchisees by the end of fiscal 2022-23, and easily takes the number up to 110 spread across 30 cities easily by the end of 2025.

Automovill targets launching its first franchise in Pune city by the end of April this year.