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New offering will help organizations in India leadwith corporate social purpose

GURUGRAM, May18, –BCW India Group, a leading Indian communications group representing some of the best global and national companies, and WhiteKettle Consulting, one of India’s pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) firms that partners corporate, civil society and government to create end-to-end sustainable social development and CSR interventions, today announced the launch of CSP+, a new offering to help companies in India lead with purpose.

CSP+ will help organizations integrate their brand purpose into their DNA and deliver on it, including through management, impact measurementand stakeholder engagement to build stronger purpose-focused equity. This offering will leverage research, data analytics, creativity and innovation to deliverimpact for clients across their stakeholder audiences.

“Organizations today need to create long-term values and profitability through engagement with all stakeholders,” said Deepshikha Dharmaraj, Chief Executive Officer, BCW India Group.“Purpose helps align an organization’s values and strategy to a shared vision.With CSP+, we give our clients a framework to move people with their purpose and encourage themto think differently, feel deeply and act with urgency.”

“Purpose goes beyond the mandated two percent CSR spends,” said Rama Iyer, Founder, WhiteKettle. “It spans and unites all of the stakeholders of a company. The CSP+ framework supports organizations with strategies and interventions no matter where they are in their purpose journey, whether they arejust starting out or looking to scale up their impact.”