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Become the most productive version of yourself, Geeta Singh

Geeta Singh has set all-new standards for a rich experience in PR and marketing. She began her entrepreneurial journey in 2012 with an investment of Rs. 50,000/- and has never looked back. She is best known for setting goals to resolve the problem and achieving it with unwavering commitment. Geeta’s hunger for success and strong faith in doing right always motivate her to do more for the community.

Tell us about your journey.

Going back in the memory lane, I was born and brought up in Uttaranchal, in a rather traditional family. At my birthplace, it was not uncommon to see young girls being propelled into the institution of marriage without having a right to take their life decisions. But I believe my ambitions and perseverance overpowered all the cultural and familial challenges. After completing my graduation in political science, I pursued a diploma in mass communication. Then I went on to gain valuable training in some of the most reputed media houses in the country.

At the start of my entrepreneurial journey, I began with a reasonably limited amount of final and other resources. I am delighted to share that the last decade has been full of productivity for my team and me. We have worked with more than 250 brands in 200 cities across India and have also paved our way into the European market.

Our team has always been receptive to technology and innovations. We were quick towards embracing digitalization as we believed that the digital space would be the future of our industry. Today, we optimally utilize the internet and technology to cater to businesses in India and abroad, especially in the continent of Europe.

However, I believe my most significant achievement so far is winning the trust of people present in the periphery of my business and social life. People are irreplaceable because businesses are built from people and not the other way around. When people prosper, businesses grow and vice versa. I firmly believe in forming healthy and positive relations with my colleagues and clients for mutual benefit, growth, and learning. I have a prominent and long-term working relationship with every professional working in the organization.

 How do you define success?

I think success is all about striving for excellence and the will to become the best and most productive version of yourself. I feel like I am still on the journey of success and yet to climb the highest mountain. Realizing how far I have come, I am genuinely grateful for my professional journey so far, but at the same time, I feel this is just the starting and with the contribution of my team, we have a lot to achieve.

What are the financial, marketing, and expansion plans for your company’s future?

We had drafted a plan to achieve a 10 Cr turnover in 2019, but then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and we could not execute our plan optimally. So this year, we plan to achieve that milestone. We are starting to use marketing tools to generate more leads and expand the network. We plan to use LinkedIn Marketing to find potential clientele we can offer our services. Apart from this, we plan to sponsor specific possible events and look at memberships of networking organizations like FICCI, CII, etc. We want to explore some directions to expand and enhance our business.

How can businesses leverage the power of Social Media and PR’s ability to strengthen the brand voice and growth from your point of view?

The power and impact of Social Media increase exponentially every minute as we talk with the growing internet population. On the other hand, PR makes sure the brands’ voices reach their target audience and add high value to their communications with the consumers. Thus, a blend of social media and PR is helping companies to connect to a larger audience, understand their needs and aspirations, and offer customized solutions. Today, an intelligent customer has all the details of a brand through news and social media channels, and the better connectivity between the two entities is strengthening their relations. Its relationship with its customers determines the quality of business.

What message would you like to give to future entrepreneurs?

The most important message is to work hard and work on networking skills. Meeting a bunch of new people every week and learning more about your market, its potential, and the industry will help you with growth and a better understanding of your business.

Another tip is to be quick and receptive in adapting to technologies that can simplify operational procedures, bring down costs, and help to meet customers’ expectations. Also, please do your best to retain those valuable individuals who may help the organization achieve its goals.

As important as hard work, being honest with your work is equally essential. Devoting valuable and productive hours consistently every day of the week will get you results. In terms of work, the combination of honesty and consistency will make a massive impact on your career in a long time.

Personal life is equally vital for the well-being of any individual, but I believe sacrifice is needed to achieve prosperity. So there will be times in your life where you will have to choose your professional life over your personal life, but stand tall and firm in front of every moment of hardship or struggle, and you will see success running towards you.