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Being Exporter: Creating exporters out of entrepreneurs

The Indian economy has seen many transformations over the past few decades. With changing times, we have emerged as one of the promising economies of the world. The area where we need to work on as a country to take on the global giants is exports. Our government also understands the criticality of this issue and hence they have launched many schemes and initiatives like Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat to promote exports. We have abundant training institutes and educational material available for all aspects of all learning, but there is a scarcity of training institutes of an organization teaching about exports. Surat-based Being Exporter lead by Bhagirath Goswami is one such organization which trains people in exports helping them to become a successful exporter. Being Exporter is an organization having a full-fledged training curriculum consisting of all theoretical and practical aspects to make oneself a complete exporter mastering all the Knitty gritty of exports. Bhagirath Goswami, the brain behind this concept shares complete insights about Being Exporter.

How did this concept of Being Exporter come into existence?

We have seen many businessmen offering their products or services successfully in various parts of the country. But they face challenges when they decide to take their business globally. We as a country have a huge pool of businessmen having exceptional talent and business sense but they fail to create a space on the international market due to a lack of assistance that can help them understand various policies, market dimensions, and other hurdles which takes away the opportunity from them to be an exporter. We compare our currency with currencies of many economic superpowers like US, UK, China, or other European countries but never realize that export is one key area that can only narrow this disparity. Thus, we decided to address the issue and start an academy which can assist the entrepreneurs in becoming a successful exporter.

Bhagirath Goswami – Founder, Being Exporter

How do you train people for being an exporter?

We run a one-year program at Being Exporter which has a curriculum that covers all technical as well as practical aspects of exports. The program is designed so that people from every field and background can attend and benefit whether they are students, working professionals, businessmen, retired professionals, or homemakers. The program consists of 24 sessions which are of 3 hours each taken on every alternative Sunday. There is a 30 minutes weekly session which is taken by various technical experts covering all aspects of exports. We also ensure addressing practical issues, looking into the fact that the person joining our institute turns up to be a successful exporter.

What according to you stops entrepreneurs to be an exporter?

Many entrepreneurs are very good at doing business in their markets, but they hesitate to do exports. There is also a common misconception that doing exports is risky and involves many risks like government policies, payment issues, etc which is a myth as every process has its own backup plans and multiple institutions like government bodies, banks, insurance companies, etc also get associated in these process making sure frauds and bad experiences are minimal. With proper guidance and motivation, anyone can be an exporter and earn much better revenues and margins for their products as the whole world becomes their market.

What is your message to the aspiring exporters?

We have created and lived many success stories where people like students, housewives, farmers, manufacturers, etc have become successful exporters with us. It’s not necessary to be a large-scale manufacturer or owner of a production house to be an exporter. You can be an exporter of anything which you may not be even manufacturing if you identify the right product for the right market. We at Being Exporter have been working with a single point mission of creating exporters and are keen to assist anyone who aspires to be an exporter.

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