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Blockchain-enabled Medical platform Aimedis launches First Medical and Scientific NFT marketplace

Dubai UAE October 30: Aimedis, The Blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and IoT (Internet of Things) enabled electronic healthcare platform headquartered in UAE with offices in the Netherlands and the Philippines, will be launching the first B2B medical and scientific NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace this October.

Aimedis ecosystem was launched in 2020 as a result of the need for affordable, effective health care. It consists of the Aimedis patient-centred platform, the professional platform, AIMSocial + user content (video and more), Aimedis Labs & Pharmacy, Medical Tourism applications, Aimedis records, video chat, prescriptions, second opinions, appointments and Aimedis Virtual Hospital incl. Virtual Rehab, all available on the web and mobile in multiple languages. It also supports the world’s first medical and scientific NFT marketplace.

Dr. Ben O. El Idrissi, Co-Founder and COO of Aimedis, stated, “We believe every human being deserves access to a proper, safe and up-to-date medical treatment wherever they are. To make this a reality, we integrated the needs of patients and professionals to create a platform that can store, transfer and validate all kinds of medical data, connect to medical devices and even provide remote supervisions to medical professionals, institutions and other patients.”

He adds, “We are proud to be the first decentralized and incentivized healthcare platform to launch the world’s first medical and scientific B2B NFT marketplace, AimedisDataXChange, that will include a combination of DeFi, governance, social, payment and utility token. It will finally mainstream and standardize the process of monetizing medical and scientific data, expanding this multi-trillion dollar market.”

AI companies, space agencies, car manufacturers, medical hardware sellers, IoT providers, and other healthcare providers will be able to participate and contribute to this unique new B2B NFT marketplace. Medical and scientific data is hard to monetize today due to non-coordinated and non-standardized data collection processes with often low-quality data evaluation processes. Simple issues like handwritten data acquisition errors frequently occur while data is entered and copied. It can lead to manipulated or lost data primarily due to a missing data transfer chain.

Aimedis is also proud to have participatedinGitex 2021, given their recent move into the UAE. As Dr. Michael J. Kaldasch, Co-Founder and CEO of Aimedis, explained, “We moved our global headquarters to the UAE because we believe it presents an attractive and well-regulated environment at an accessible geographic location. It is the perfect fit for the aim of our platform, which allows travellers and ex-pat communities to hold their medical data and access the best medical services possible wherever they are.”

The company is currently expanding its team in the UAE by hiring data scientists and building partnerships, and onboarding UAE hospitals onto the platform.

Aimedis’ participation at Gitex will coincide with the launch of their public sale. Their IDO powered by BinanceSmartchain will be followed by a public sale on Pankcakeswap. Aimedis is offering 60,000,000 AIMX tokens in both its private and public sales out of a total of 600,000,000 AIMX tokens. The price per AIMX token is 0.05 USD during IDO &Pancakeswap at launch.

About Aimedis

UAE headquartered, Aimedis with offices in the Netherlands and the Philippines is the first medical and scientific NFT platform built on a fully functional medical ecosystem with a wide range of eHealth applications, including sophisticated professional health tools like Aimedis Virtual Hospital and Rehab. Blockchain technology supports trust and credibility of information and data exchange. Aimedis is multilingual and serves people everywhere in the world, and is accelerated by TDEFI.