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Booming Bulls: Gaining heights with its simplified training program!

Noida, May 30: A stock market training company founded by Mr Anish Singh Thakur is touching new highs with its flagship product named ‘Booming Bulls Elite Traders Live Mentorship program.’

With the motive of sharing correct trading principles and knowledge with fellow traders, Anish Singh Thakur founded Booming Bulls Academy in 2019. Booming Bulls provides you with the most simplified and well-established online and offline trading course. The critical thing about this course is instead of focusing on unnecessary aspects of trading. This course provides you with the core concepts, proper trading psychology, and strategies required to master the skill of trading. This course is based on self-learning, experience, and theoretical implications on the market.

With its research-based learning model and curriculum, Booming Bulls has mentored more than 8700+ students, and nearly all of these students are witnessing exceptional growth in the field of the stock market. The Booming Bulls Elite Traders Live Mentorship Program allows you to see the big and simplified picture of how trading can be done to earn consistent profits from the stock market.

“When it comes to learning to trade, a well-established and research-oriented curriculum is required to help a trader grow. We at Booming Bulls try to simplify the complex processes and explain them in an easily understandable way.” Says Anish.

Apart from the Mentorship program, Booming Bulls is also known for the quality content shared through the Booming Bulls YouTube channel free of cost. To spread correct trading principles to fellow traders and make them financially independent, Anish shares his experience and guides his subscribers towards financial independence. His YouTube channel is a mere representation of the success that his company’ Booming Bulls’ has achieved within a short period.

Booming Bulls YouTube channel recently hit the milestone of 1 Million subscribers. With more than 80M views on his channel Booming Bulls is one of the fastest-growing channels in trading and finance.

When it comes to trading, technical analysis plays a significant role; without learning the core concepts of technical analysis, you can not crack the trading code. Here, the part of the Booming Bulls YouTube channel comes in. Any enthusiastic trader can learn the technical analysis and trading strategies directly from Booming Bulls free to learn YouTube channel.

With a research-oriented and experience-based curriculum Anish and his venture “Booming Bulls” is ready to set new records where they can share more and more trading knowledge with their subscribers and fellow traders.