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Brand Bumchums comes up with Posh Polo neck, half sleeve regular fit T-shirts, an exciting range for it’s ardent fan base!

Kolkata, January 25: Come and choose among our wide range of super combed cotton rich fabric, placket button with Polo neck, half sleeve Regular Fit T-shirts which can be worn as a casual wear, leisure wear and is an all-purpose wear.

What’s more, we have an array of 35 colors for you to cherry-pick! One can choose his/her lucky color according to days, zodiacs, occasions, mood etc. This range will empower you to flaunt a radical red to a bewildering black, go ahead show your love for colors with a blushing pink, boisterous beige and an intoxicating wine!

These Polos make you feel smoothly comfortable and look suave and sexy, chic and casual, smart and confident, regal and urban all at the same time. What more can an ardent discerning fashionable consumer ask for.

Brand ‘Bumchums’always believes in simply ‘spoiling’ it’s fans by offering much more than expected, the current series of this Polo neck, half sleeve Regular Fit T-shirts proudly proves it again.

Go grab your desired pick, before you are too late and it’s gone! what are you waiting for?

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