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‘Buns and Deluchas’ India’s first handmade healthy fast-food company

‘Buns and Deluchas’ Homemade fast food brand founded by Seema Makwana uses eclectic maximalist expressions to capture the essence of passion and love for the food. B & D caters to and serves mouth-watering and lip-smacking, enticing and exciting, yet very healthy and comforting fast food to their audiences ranging from children to adults. B&D is for people who are food explorers, value taste and hygiene, understand quality, and are health conscious.

During lockdown, many people came up with a creative side of them, and Ms Seema Makwana is one of them. Let us know more about her newbie venture and Culinarian side. “Cooking has always been my passion, and I love trying out new dishes and combining every cuisine you can think of with a healthy twist. Being a mother of two kids, I know how to balance their taste buds and maintain their health so they won’t crave outside junk food. This lockdown gave all of us an opportunity to be creative within ourselves and B&D is one of the things. I used to prepare food during lockdown for everyone, including my in-laws and neighbours. Since then, I’ve made the decision to create a trustworthy brand of guilt-free, Healthy, Comfort Fast Food.

Talking about her biggest inspiration behind this venture she shared, “My daughter was my greatest motivation she always gave me feedback and she was the one who encouraged me to start something of my own. Secondly, my husband is my all-time supporter. He not only gave me his back but helped me in every step. I know the time has changed but not for all still, so many families do not support the talented women for pursuing their passion but I’m glad I have received overwhelming support from my family”.

Buns & Deluchas is India’s first handmade healthy fast-food company. We make all of our goods using organic and natural components. Anyone, from youngsters to adults, can consume it. Stuffed buns with Indian, Italian, and Chinese gravies are provided. We have Healthy And Delicious Kulcha Wraps and anytime snack Stuffed Waffles, all served with handmade and customizable finger leaky dips. We often produce new meals with a healthy spin during festivals.

Every business has its ups and downs, but the most important thing is to face them wisely. Sharing about the same, Ms Makwana said, “As a homemaker, it was difficult for me to manage the household chores and family obligations and finish all of the orders. But my aspirations and dedication were stronger than anything. With that My spouse, children, and in-laws all showed me unwavering love, support, and wisdom that keeps me going further and further. And lastly, the positive feedback from the customers gives you a boost and motivates you even more to go further”.

“Buns & Deluchas are India’s first healthy and comfort fast food brand. We are presently serving and supplying in various parts of the world, but our first international location will shortly open in next year. Main goal of B&D is to deliver fast food in a healthier manner. With that Buns & Deluchas will also launch a franchise network in order to expand into major food industry markets”, added Ms Seema.