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CAIT, India’s national merchants’ association, will establish the ‘Bharat E-market’ for small and medium-sized businesses

Surat: The Confederation of All India Merchants (CAIT) has announced the upcoming launch of the “Bharat e-market” e-commerce platform under the DPIIT’s Open Network Digital Commerce Platform (ONDC), a department of the union ministry of commerce for small and medium traders throughout the nation.
According to CAIT, unethical manipulations in the e-commerce sector and violations of laws and norms are undermining the core spirit of the country’s e-commerce platform. The big e-commerce businesses currently enjoy a monopoly in the internet industry. However, the ONDC will go a long way toward assisting small and medium merchants and consumers in general to profit from the Bharat E-market.
Small and large e-commerce firms in India would be able to do e-commerce operations, while customers will buy from sellers that offer low-cost, high-quality items.
Praveen Khandelwal, secretary-general of CAIT and a member of the Central Government’s ONDC advisory council, stated, “At the moment, a consumer who is linked to just one portal may buy items from that portal; alone.” He must go to another portal to purchase from any other portal. Customers may buy goods or services from any firm without logging into another e-commerce platform at Bharat e-market.
“If Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s innovative and distinguished vision is successful in India, the structure of e-commerce business in the entire world will change, and the arbitrariness of big e-commerce companies will be curtailed, while even small traders can take advantage of this open network,” Khandelwal added.
According to CAIT, there are over 4,000 small and large e-commerce firms in the nation that offer items to clients online. More than 500 logistics businesses deliver items to clients through the e-commerce platform. Simultaneously, 20,000 businesses provide a wide range of services and products, including travel, hotels, medication, equipment, hospitals, beauty salons, fitness clubs, gyms, restaurants, food items, and other connected services.
It will now be essential for e-commerce firms operating in India to register in accordance with the proposed e-commerce guidelines developed under the ONDC policy. By joining the open network, registered participants would have equal possibilities to grow their businesses. The available network will show to be the most effective method of connecting companies and customers across the country with e-commerce.
“Open network protocol will benefit customers in a variety of ways,” said BC Bharatiya, national president of CAIT. This network aims to give small companies, customers, application developers, governments, and others a highly technical and well-crafted marketplace platform by utilising technology to regulate pricing in an open network and establish an interoperable open platform. This network is intended for MSMEs and small merchants that wish to grow their businesses through e-commerce.”

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