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Cellula to Airdrop 75 Million Cryptocurrencies $AANA in May-June 2022

Mumbai, April 30: Thanks to the efforts of technology, digital businesses worldwide are experiencing a positive turn in operations. The world is rapidly shifting from traditional businesses to digital, including the mass adoption of the digital ways of buying goods and services.

Blockchain technology has also played a crucial role in this evolution by providing the infrastructure to develop cryptocurrencies and payment platforms that have improved cross-border transactions.

Transforming the Hyperlocal ‘On Demand’ Community businesses with $AANA –

Cellula is an all-in-one hyperlocal digital asset ecosystem which lets the everyday user enter the space quickly and implement cryptocurrency in their businesses and day-to-day life. The pandemic has created a means for merchants and business owners to connect with buyers through online marketing digital payments. Additionally, cryptocurrency adoption is widespread, and business owners collaborate with payment platforms to ensure that consumers can pay using digital currencies.

Cellula is a platform for everyone, including individuals, businesses, gated communities and service providers. Cellula provides an innovative payment method through its in App Cryptocurrency $AANA. $ AANA is a proof of stake based secure coin built on a bitcoin smart chain. Users get a crypto wallet and a public crypto key upon downloading the Cellula app from Android and iOS platforms. Users can purchase Crypto coins and use them for all the transactions within the ecosystem and be able to trade $AANA at exchanges.

To enhance the platform’s adaptability and increase its outreach Cellula has announced its first Airdrop Campaign from 2nd May 2022 to 15th June 2022. Cellula will drop a 25 million $AANA Coins to its registered users during this period. Furthermore, Cellula is launching its first bounty programme from 15th May 2022 to 30th June 2022; during this period, an additional 50 Million $AANA coins will be distributed to its users upon completing a few tasks.

Earning of these campaigns can be utilised for in-app purchases, on crypto exchanges or in future Cellula Metaverse.

More developments on the horizon

Cellula recently initiated its development of a hyperlocal Metaverse where users can have more immersive experiences by using 3D technology and augmented reality. “Decentralisation of eCommerce and digital payments are at a crucial point”, says Dr Manish Harsh, CEO & Founder of Cellula, “Web 3.0, freedom of choices and Data privacy are the future and with $ AANA in built-in Cellula, we are addressing this in a simplified and integrated manner.

Cellula Metaverse will further strengthen our capabilities and bring better experience and autonomy for our users.