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ClientVenue raises $100,000 seed funding from Upekkha Inc.

Upekkha Inc. is an India and US-based accelerator

New Delhi: ClientVenue, a resource and client management SaaS platform for marketing agencies, raised $100K in seed funding from SaaS startup accelerator cum investor Upekkha. ClientVenue raised funds through its parent company “Target, Inc.” which is registered in Delaware, US.

With these funds, ClientVenue has planned to push for aggressive growth in the US market, and the funds will be used towards scaling up the existing team, including Marketing, Sales, Technology, etc.

An all-in-one suite for helping marketing agencies manage their workflows, ClientVenue has already scaled to more than 100 agencies in India and caters to over 550 agency companies from across the world.

Most marketing agencies face a major problem in the adoption & customization of any software platform, as their workflows are very different and dynamic in nature. Commonly available project management platforms are generic, complex, and have less valuable feature sets.

Mr. Kirti Prakash and Mr. Raman Parashar, founders of ClientVenue, said, “It all started when one of our friends, who run a sales agency, reached out to us to build a customized solution for him. Since we have been in the SaaS space for more than 6 years, it was a no-brainer for us, and we launched the platform within 3 months, in May’21. Later on, we talked to over 120+ agency owners and found that everyone faces similar problems with their client deliverables, reporting, team management, etc. Those interviews also helped us deeply customize the platform for these agencies.”

There are over 40000 marketing agencies in the US alone, and this list is ever-growing since every big company outsources some part of their marketing work to these agencies. Sensing a massive opportunity in this area, ClientVenue founders started building a customized solution for these firms and launched the platform in the mid of 2021.

Kirti, who heads Marketing & Sales, said, “We are getting a lot of traction and generating 200% month-on-month growth. Many big US agencies want to use our solution, and our tech team is constantly working on customizing the platform for them.”