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Cognitive automation, AI/ML, NLP, Blockchain, Big Data to Transform Global In-House Centers landscape in 2022

CMS IT Services Release the last Edition of CXO Guide exploring Global In-House Centers (GIC)

The chapter looks at global in-house centres and how they can evolve into global ‘innovation’ centres by employing the right technologies.

Bangalore, March 7: CMS IT Services, a leading Managed Services provider and System Integrator based in Bangalore, has released the final edition of their CXO guide on’ Staying competitive in the post-pandemic decade’. Technologies like Cognitive automation, AI/ML, NLP, blockchain, big data etc., are transforming the GIC landscape and rewriting the boundaries of productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

GICs in India – which started as cost-saving operations of multinational corporations – have climbed the value chain and driven revenue. One of the highlights is that they developed a digitally ready workforce and culture, thus enabling India to take advantage of the digital opportunity. GICs were just an extra set of hands that provided much-needed assistance to their parent companies based overseas. The IT boom in India furthered this cause, and GICs became more widespread across tech hubs in the country.

“A rich talent pool, backed by a robust domestic market and a digital backbone that accelerates transformation, has helped GICs evolve into innovation nerve centres, responsible for R&D, strategy, product innovation, and everything in between. Building on this, India’s GIC sector is expected to scale as high as USD 85 billion by 2025,” says Anuj Vaid, CEO, CMS IT Services and author of the guide.

According to the guide, new-age GICs will not just be concerned with outsourcing but also take part in the parent company’s innovative capabilities and overall growth. GICs can leverage virtual-connect/collaboration platforms, IoT, Predictive Analytics, ERP tools and a host of other digital techs to forward their goal of growing out of their shell as simply ‘outsourcing’ units to full-fledged innovative captive centres.

Moreover, it’s time to find pathways to a responsive and resilient future with the pandemic. It’s time to enable agility with scalable digital systems purpose-built for distributed workforces. It’s time to embrace hybrid-computing and multi-cloud models as pivotal business infrastructure components.

The latest chapter on GICs in the CXO Guide authored by Anuj Vaid, CEO, CMS IT Services, can be downloaded here.