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Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club Set To Expand Its Foot In India

The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of fifty-four independent and equal countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Pacific. The Commonwealth is home to 2.4 billion people, including advanced economies and developing countries.

The Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club (CEC) is an international network of hundreds of experts in business and government. It works with authorities, agencies, monetary institutions, and groups to create change, employment, and wealth possibilities for all stakeholders. It helps UK companies to collaborate with Commonwealth companies.

It is a world-magnificence platform to create, collaborate and strengthen the Construction, Textile Sector, Infrastructure, Mini Industrial Parks, Mining, Affordable Housing, Education, Automobile, Agriculture, Finance, SMEs and MSMEs, Vocational Centres. It joins world leaders and experts from every industry and sector intending to drive economic and social outcomes through collaboration and trade to create jobs and relieve the economy from the trap of poverty.

CEC has ten partnership goals that contribute to the development of trade and sustainable growth and. It works with the federation of chambers of commerce, NGOs, multinationals, and financial institutions to complete these ten goals.

It strives to collaborate with industries including Energy, Construction, Textile, Infrastructure, Industrial Parks, Mining, Housing, Education, Automobile, Agriculture, Finance, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Vocational Training and Tourism.

CEC is headed by Mobin Rafiq, Founder and Chairman. Its organizational structure within each member country consists of four stages, Country (Vice-Chairman, President, Vice-President, and Executive Member); State/Province (President); City (President), and Sector (President, Vice-President and Advisory Board).

CEC will cultivate ongoing and long-lasting partnerships with producers and exporters to sell and strengthen industrialization and intends to submit well-researched information, updates, and review of its activities to persuade worldwide policy-making. It hosts seminars, consultative sessions, operas, and roundtable meetings year-spherical in London, United Kingdom, and the capital towns of Commonwealth international locations so one can pressure actual outcomes. It will increase tasks focused on making feasible investment-change hyperlinks that make a difference in people’s lives.

CEC welcomes all contributors who embody CEC’s imagination and prescient and are seeking to enhance it. It applies for zero discrimination coverage on the premise of primary countries, which means that contributors no longer always need to come from Commonwealth countries.

Potential CEC members like Manufacturers, Exporters, Retailers, Industrial giants, SMEs and MSMEs, will be assessed on a value-addition basis and in alignment with CEC’s activities and goals.

It expects transparency, sincerity, knowledge sharing, and trade activities from its members. It will be required to share information demonstrating how it can best contribute to CEC’s overall objectives and goals.

Becoming a CEC member will assist a business through targeted connections, collaborations, trade opportunities, and access to the global network within Commonwealth nations.

Membership of CEC will provide access to New Markets, Network Advice on go-to-markets, capital and financial market access, supply distribution lines, customer acquisition, trading, and dealing opportunities, etc. Free Consultations on project delivery, marketing research, product placement strategy, etc.; PPP, and Market Insights on research publications, and updates on its latest PPPs, trade channels, and business and community engagement programs; and year-round Invitation to annual events, including the proposed annual Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club Summit in London and CEC’s online platform.

CEC is recognized as the most significant Commonwealth initiative launched in 20 years. Its sole focus is the growth of its members to assist them in their projects, leading to the economy’s growth, job creation, and diminished poverty.

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