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‘Cosmo Arts India Gallery’ reflect the empowerment of women in society

 “If one have the drive to succeed, you can surely carve out a niche for yourself with enough persistence”: Dr Meenu Kumar

Cosmo Arts (India) is a treasure house of Indian Contemporary Art. The Art Gallery showcases a vibrant and diverse collection of Indigenous art. Director of Cosmo Arts (India) Dr Meenu Kumar, She is also the founder of Cosmo Arts India Gallery and NGO Cos We Care. Along with that she is the Vice President for the Indian region at Oisca International, a Japanese NGO with consultative status with United Nations. Her creations reflect the need for physical, mental, and emotional freedom and empowerment of women in society.

Asking about the idea and concept of Cosmo Arts Dr Meenu said, “The Cosmo Arts India Gallery serves both artists and art enthusiasts. The gallery’s treasures include works by well-known contemporary artists and young artists who have been given a platform to exhibit their work as socially conscious individuals. I have always been interested in the arts and social ventures and wanted to pursue this long-term. I met with many leading artists while writing and painting during the early days of my career. They appreciated my vision and philosophy for life and motivated me to open my gallery. I have received much help from several well-known, eminent artists to realise my dreams.

“In my view, art is the visual manifestation of interior feelings and emotions through various media, including painting, sculpture, photography, murals, and installations. A work of art is equivalent to a thousand words. It has a lasting effect on the mind and soul”

Further she added about the biggest challenges that India faces today in the start-ups, “In my opinion, the challenge has been building a network I have worked on and still am on. A small number of individuals have dominated the art world; therefore, building a clientele for oneself is challenging. However, I had the impression that if you have the drive to succeed, you can surely carve out a niche for yourself with enough persistence. In the coming 3 to 5 years I and my team see Cosmo Arts being on a global platform. As a Mompreneur with a unique perspective and aim to make a ‘Cosmo Arts India Gallery’ a global brand by producing stunning artwork from eco-friendly resources. Furthermore, I view myself as a social activist who enriches many lives in the art world and an art enthusiast who gives space, life, and creative touch to artistic creations. I wish to continue supporting the upcoming, differently-abled, and underprivileged artists.

Talking about the business opportunities she shared, “We are a treasure trove of artwork created by recognized and contemporary artists, young and budding artists, and achievers in the Indian panorama of arts. Our speciality is treating renowned artists and people just discovering it similarly. We encourage people to find their artistic preferences and enable them to select a piece of art they can relate to. Additionally, we commission artwork to match the interiors of hotels, restaurants, corporates, villas, etc. We have a wide variety of sculptures, paintings, and art installations. Cosmo Arts are emphasizing ecological art in the Indian setting. Therefore, anytime we make an art piece for someone, we strive to up-skill and up-cycle the materials already present in the surroundings to produce unmatched artwork.