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Launched in December 2019, The June Shop is a Kolkata-based, design-inspired, lifestyle e-commerce business. It is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Rishav Nahata and Pranav Jain, who came up with the concept to disrupt the impulse purchasing category online after seeing the vast need for design-oriented lifestyle items in the Indian market. The brand is effectively headed by the company’s CEO, Vansikha Nahata, who oversees the company’s expansion, design, and marketing. The June Shop now has more than 60 unique and inexpensive sub-categories. Currently, the firm employs more than 100 artisans working on items with over 1.5 million clients.

Q – Please let readers know about the journey of The June Shop?

Vansikha Nahata – A design-inspired home décor e-commerce brand, we incepted The June Shop in Dec 2019. The journey of The June Shop is no short of a roller coaster ride. Starting from striving to make a brand presence to effortlessly selling more than 6000 orders a month, we have come a long way. We began as a brand that primarily sold gifting items, adorable stationery, home decor items, and kitchen essentials. Still, as time passed, we understood the demand for unique and premium home decor collectables. It led us to change tracks by addressing the impulse buying sector gap as we focused more on designing exclusive, elegant home decor and kitchen essential items to spruce up your space.

Q – What makes your brand unique?

VN – Our unique and functional yet elegant product range, designed in-house, makes the brand special. Each product range is carefully curated to appeal to an eclectic audience base. With our team’s ability to rethink and their liberty to experiment, we can offer our consumers a diverse range of products to ensure that the discerning consumer has plenty to choose from the stylish collection with a hassle-free and happy shopping experience.

Q – What are your recent developments?

VN – We recently rose undisclosed funding from angel investors. We will use the funds acquired to address the organization’s growing needs for product innovation, inventory diversification, recruitment, web and app development and ramp up marketing activities. The brand enables customers to create a personal and modern space. Revamping dull spaces with exciting and contemporary decor pieces is our motto.

We have also recently outgrown our initial image of the brand, which was of a cute collectables platform, transforming it into an elegant home decor brand. We have announced the launch of our rebranded logo, colours, aesthetics, packaging and website to stay youthful and rethinking. This brand revamping is done considering minimalism has been on the rise. Knowing that humans thrive on emotional connections – touch is vital in propagating this emotion. Thus, a sleek & stylish design is what is winning hearts way before the actual product nowadays, and therefore the designing team of The June Shop gave an extra effort to come up with a fine packaging.

Q – What are the plans for The June Shop?

VN – Currently, we plan to constantly revive and innovate to bring fresh new products for our consumers with great functionality. We are also planning to enter the smart furniture goods and gadgets space. Moreover, we constantly expand our brand presence, product range, collection and business. With this in mind, we recently revamped our brand identity with a redesigned logo, colours, aesthetics, packaging and website, emphasizing our new proposition.

Q – Your insights on the lifestyle Industry / Home Decor Industry?

VN – The Home Decor industry has vastly changed over the past few years. The taste of most consumers turns out to be more innovative, minimalistic, elegant, functional and extravagant. Hence, there is an opportunity to create a space to innovate functional yet premium home decor products. It is where we enter, ensuring our brand is a storehouse of unique, elegant, and practical products. Along with beautification at The June Shop, we ensure the products are vastly sustainable and affordable. The June Shop lives and breathes the idea of creating functional and elegant pieces to transform one’s space.