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Dental Care with Technology and Innovation

MyDentalplan Healthcare not only offers curative solutions but also focuses on preventing dental ailments. Its objective is to integrate dentistry into mainstream medicine. MyDentalPlan delivers operational transformation, end-to-end consumer experience, and effective & informed dental healthcare – making it a preferred choice of India’s finest dentists and consumers.

Good oral hygiene is the window to good overall health – it should be accessible and affordable for everyone the founders of MyDentalplan – Dr Mohender Narula, Dr Anandakrishna GN, and Dr S Girish Rao believe.

In conversation with Hello Entrepreneurs, Mr Harminder Singh Multani, CEO – MyDentalplan, talks about oral health, future plans and more. Excerpts:

Q – How is the dental care sector in India changing as more people become aware of the importance of oral health?

Harminder Singh Multani – Oral health is often referred to as the mirror of overall health. It is a vantage point for detecting early symptoms of many diseases. Early intervention can help in identifying these diseases and oral issues better. Ignoring oral health often results in tooth loss. Despite the ramifications, the awareness level for oral health remains low in India. Scientific advancements and the improvement of oral health products have resulted in greater awareness among people, but we still have a long way to go.

Q – What are the challenges of this industry, and how does MDP plan to solve this?

HSM – The biggest challenge in the oral health industry is unaffordability and inaccessibility. The uneven pricing makes it even more difficult for the patients to take their oral health issues seriously. At MyDentalPlan, the network of India’s best dentists, PAN India, makes it a lot easier for the people residing in even tier 2 or tier 3 to get timely treatment for their oral health issues. Standardised prices and affordable treatments don’t hit anyone’s pockets.

Q – Are there any changes in consumers’ behaviour toward oral care after Covid-19?

HSM – Post COVID-19, people have become more serious about their oral health. People have become more concerned about the cleaning habits, sanitisation etc. An enormous impact has also been seen on the diet plan. Most people have started inculcating healthy, balanced eating habits to increase their immunity.

Q – What are the plans of MDP for the next five years?

HSM – Currently, dental care penetration is only about 2% in India. With dental insurance kicking in, this number could easily reach 20% within the next five years. This 10x growth in the dental market is what MyDentalPlan hopes to make happen. One reason people cannot get treatment is the lack of dental insurance in the country. Over the next five years, MyDentalPlan envisions making dental insurance accessible to a large chunk of the market and enabling them to get periodic check-ups. After establishing ourselves in the B2B space, we are now venturing into the retail market. Through this move, we are looking at developing our direct clientele. We will serve more than half a million patients by FY 2023.