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DeVagabond broadens its online presence with AJIO and JIO MART.

New Delhi, January 11: DeVagabond, a leading travel gear manufacturer, has ramped up its online presence as its products are now also available on Ajio & Jio Mart. The company has extended its availability on Ajio & Jio Mart, with the vision of further expanding its online presence and offering its products to a wider audience.

The company deals in travelling bags, men, women, and children’s clothing with the commitment of providing the highest quality Made in India products. The company has its D2C platform, where they can directly deal with and sell their products to customers for a better and extraordinary experience. The adaption of Direct-to-Customers positively affects the sales scale and helps the companies to do the business directly with the respective targeted customers. The company’s products are already present on platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Flipkart Wholesale, Udaan, Meesho, and First Cry, the online baby products store. The brand expansion at these platforms expands the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customers (B2C) sales.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Neeraj Kumar, Director, DeVagabond, said,” Masses today are mainly dependent on the e-commerce stores for buying day-to-day stuff. Online market-leading platforms like Ajio & Jio Mart play a crucial role in enabling the brands to reach the end customer. Expansion of the brand’s online presence intensifies the buyer’s experience and the sellers. As e-commerce continues to rule the market, we are excited to expand our digital presence further reach a wider audience.”