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Dishi Somani: Designer jewellery for anyone, anywhere

Dishi Somani, founder and MD of DishiS Designer Jewellery, began her entrepreneurial journey in 2013 to unleash her dream to ornate the women of substance, with a view of making designer jewellery accessible and affordable.

Since the launch, DishiS has grown significantly. During this time, thousands of satisfied customers wear more than ten thousand designs by DishiS. In recent years, the brand has increased sales exponentially by adding fashionable and silver jewellery and precious gold, diamonds and precious stones to the product portfolio.

Top-notch celebrities and influencers are always found promoting jewellery pieces crafted by DishiS. Dishi designer jewels have also been awarded brand of the year. Further, she also got awarded during the brand vision summit organized by Times Now and a famous brand on Amazon globally.

Being accepted as the new jewellery designer was challenging as there were various competitors. Dishi created a niche of jewellery, drawing inspiration from traditional jewellery from Gwalior and other places based on the rich cultural heritage of India.

A passionate jewellery designer from the Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery, who studied at IMT Dubai in finance, Ms. Somani is one of India’s most famous young entrepreneurs. They have achieved remarkable success through her diligent efforts.

Her ingenuity moved her to unleash rich cultural values and inner beauty using DishiS Designer Jewellery online to reach the masses, enabling women to buy the latest jewellery at affordable prices in cozy corners. The custom-made jewellery offered by DishiS makes one different from the crowd. Buyers can contact Dishi in person to experience their beautiful designs or designs inspired by the consumer.

The art of making jewellery the extra care that a fabricator takes while making intricate precious jewellery always fascinated her and encouraged her to make her journey to success easier.

The company aims to take the company with a good turnover. They also wish that DishiS designer jewels should be synonym with quality, purity and trust for all our customers. And they’ll continue to grind on our laurels and continue to work to make DishiS jewels a No.1 global brand.