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dox2U is a one-fit model built for all types of businesses

dox2U is a B2B solution for managing documents digitally across small, mid to large enterprises

September 19: ‘dox2U’ is a cloud-based SaaS Document Management Service (DMS) which creates a unified repository for all documented information within an organisation. The platform is a user-friendly native cloud application built using some of the best-defined practices to democratise document management. It works on a monthly post-paid subscription on a pay-as-you-go policy and is ready to use document management system, eradicating the need for costly deployments. dox2U intends to bring all documented information into a single source of truth and make them available digitally. This helps prevent the documents from being damaged and removes the cost of expensive real estate needed to store paper documents. Managing documents with dox2U makes compilation easier, accessible and hassle-free. The first version of dox2U was launched in late 2020 and after multiple pilot runs and user feedback from early adopters, it went full swing in August 2022.

 dox2U is a B2B solution for managing documents digitally across small, mid to large enterprises. Unlike other software, dox2U does not need expensive customizations and requires high technical support even to get started. dox2U is a one-fit model built for all types of businesses. It caters to varying needs irrespective of the business domain or team size. ‘Do it yourself’ with dox2U, one can create a workspace and invite team members without expensive consultants or implementation partners to embark on a digital journey. With that, dox2U’s current DMS solutions often segregate information into silos, whereas dox2U creates separate silos for each user in a common space for all documents.“One of dox2U’s biggest challenges was creating a product for a target market that doesn’t consist of highly tech-savvy users” said Mr Sumeet Goel (Co-Founder & CEO). Further added, “While making the product, the team had to ensure that the design was accessible and constantly iterated through multiple solutions to find one that had an intuitive & easy user experience. Legacy DMS systems have always placed a focus on customized implementations. Team dox2U was faced with the challenge of now creating a generic and ready-to-use product in an industry dominated by custom solutions. With careful processes in place, the team at dox2U constantly juggled the needs and pains of different sectors and differently sized organizations while brainstorming features”.

dox2U based on pay as you go model, the first of its kind. It’s ready to use product that requires no Capex and Opex for deployment, making it much more accessible to teams everywhere, regardless of their size or industry. Talking about its uniqueness and target Mr Sumeet shared, “dox2U’s target is to make document management accessible to the SME market, an almost untapped space due to the extremely high costs associated with deploying and maintaining legacy DMSs. Powered by unique features like an integrated ICR engine for text extraction from images and a Smart Cabinet that uses dynamic filtering to help speed up the document retrieval process, dox2U was designed to create an unsiloed connected information warehouse, bringing an organization’s documented information into a single source of truth”.

Going digital is not a fad anymore, it is a need. dox2U intends to fulfil this need by being a part of every organization, bringing a solution to managing information digitally, and making it accessible and hassle-free for all the stakeholders. dox2U aims to redefine the way, information and data is being handled at workplaces and onboarding 1000 SME customers over the next 12 months. To make technological advancements on the platform, the bootstrapped startup aims to raise funds in the coming future.