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Dr. Aneel Murarka Awarded As Leader of Hope by The Brand Story

Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka, a changemaker, industrialist, and philanthropist, got awarded the Leader of Hope at the recently concluded Indian Brand and Leadership Concave 2021 organized by The Brand Story.

September 7: Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka is a changemaker and a common man who has risen to be a successful industrialist and a philanthropist who believes in giving back to society. Over the past three decades or more, he has dedicated his life to social welfare, upliftment, and developmental activities for fellow beings. His simplicity, determination, and commitment to empowering the ‘Common man’ made him a mega-influencer of youth and has helped him gain widespread followers across the spectrum. He always states that whatever he has learned has been at the feet of his father and mentor, Mr. Kashiprasad Murarka. Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka says that “I am not doing this to get anything out of it. I am doing it for my solace; rather, I am trying to give back to society what I have got from society.”

Aneel’s belief to get involved in youth-specific issues is a choice he made during his college days as a young man. Due to his passion for the youth and belief in their talent, he actively provided scholarships to needy students and promoted inter-collegiate festivals. Since then, he has been super active with college youth by playing different roles, be it in the field of education or promoting talent & extra-curricular activities. He successfully addressed a wide range of social issues for the youth, for which he was felicitated by none other than former President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.

Dr. Aneel Murarka is a man who believes in equality and the pursuit of upliftment of the less privileged, seeking social justice to the deprived and marginal communities and bringing about systemic change in society. Over the past many years, Dr. Aneel Murarka has been associated as a Patron with many local and national NGOs. It includes different orphanages, leprosy patient’s shelters, acid victims, old age homes, medical care, and specialized institutions working for blind and specially-abled youth welfare.

Despite Dr. Aneel Murarka’s hectic business commitments, he spearheads his renowned social enterprise Ample Missiion founded by him along with his son SidhaantMurarka. Ample Missiion’s strength lies in conceptualizing unique social initiatives for the masses while producing Public Awareness Short Films and organizing inspirational Award Shows. It has organized shows such as The Shoorveer Awards –For the Braveheart Common Man, Awards ZindagiKe –For the Martyrs of the Defence Forces, Police, and Fire-Brigade, and The Bharat Prerna Awards- For the Differently-abled achievers. All these shows have had a huge impact respectively.

Dr. Aneel Murarka has never forgotten his roots. He is loved by the people of his native town of Lachhmangarh, Sikar. His Trust constructed there a fully air-conditioned Bus Stand, Multi-storey lady police Living Quarters, a Hanuman Temple, Public Toilets, Lawyers Chamber, and a multi-purpose Community Hall. He repeatedly tries to widen the reach, not just in Maharashtra but all over India. Dr. Aneel Murarka is truly the Leader of Hope.

Dr. Aneel Murarka has been a force for community development. He has consistently addressed all the major social issues that limit the development of society. Dr. Murarka has also played a major role in encouraging youth to serve society. Because of his simplicity, hard work, and inspiring commitment towards the empowerment of everyone that Dr. Murarka has become an influencer for the country’s youth. In addition to spearheading his social enterprise called Ample Missiion, Dr.Aneel Murarka is also a patron of many local and national NGOs. Dr. Aneel Murarka is a man who believes in equality and the pursuit of upliftment of the less privileged, seeking social justice to the deprived and marginal communities and bringing about systemic change in society.

The Brand Story acknowledges the excellent contribution made by Dr. Aneel Murarka in empowering people to lead a better life by launching various social upliftment ventures. Mr. Abhay Kaushik, Editor in Chief and Director, The Brand Story, said, “Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka is the perfect definition of a ‘Good Samaritan.’ He has consistently worked hard for the upliftment of the community with an unstoppable streak to make the world a better place for fellow citizens. The Brand Story is proud to honour Dr. Aneel Murarka as the Leader of Hope.”