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Dr Arindam Chaudhuri to take entrepreneurial education to households

New Delhi: Arindam Chaudhuri is powering an initiative that he loves to call the “Indigo” of Management & Entrepreneurial Education, keeping in tune with the start-up atmosphere of India. The initiative got launched on Nov. 3rd, 2022, under the aegis of ‘The Institute of Entrepreneurship’ IoE, to begin with, is offering a Year Full-Time Program to anyone over the age of 18 at a price point of 4.8 lacs inclusive of taxes. 

The 100-credit program will have 9 modules taught by Industry Experts and Exceptional Faculty members, including 9 faculty members from globally renowned institutions. The founder of IoE, Dr ArindamChaudhuri, will lead a paper called Beyond Principles of Management & Economics. 

“We have always believed in staying completely out of the formal education system. Keeping in line with the same philosophy, all these will be certificate programs with absolutely world-class course curriculum and faculty. The truth is the only University worth studying at today is YouTube University, and there are no degrees. The best companies don’t necessarily want formal degrees. Everyone wants people who can deliver. Our program will equip students to get great placement and make them capable of starting their entrepreneurial venture within a few years of corporate experience”, Says Dr ArindamChaudhuri. 

On the reason behind keeping the fees so low, he says, “IIPM is known for its high-end education, and in this Golden Jubilee year of IIPM, we thought world-class education should not remain limited to the elite. Therefore, the IoE program aims to take world-class Entrepreneurial education door to door; Indigo took air travel to every household. It is keeping in tune with the current focus of Make in India and self-sufficiency. However, we will ensure that every student who doesn’t want to start a venture of her own immediately gets brilliant placement opportunities. Like IIPM, the Personality Development program at IoE will be at par with the best globally”. 

“At IoE, students will have to mandatorily do a graduation degree from some university on the online mode if they want to opt for job placements so that tomorrow they can’t complain that a certain company needs degrees which they don’t have. For students opting out of campus placements and wanting to become a startup entrepreneur straight away, enrolling for a university degree will not be compulsory”, said the Academic Dean of IoE, Prof. Naveen Chamoli. 

According to the Admissions & Placement Dean at IoE, Ms ShikhaGhosh, “The best part about the program will be, along with campus placements at the end of the program, students will be required to make a nano pitch on their business idea to venture capitalists and investors”. 

This Indeed seems to be another landmark venture from the man who took management education door to door and, despite all controversies, ended up winning all the cases against AICTE & UGC in front of the Chief Justice’s bench at the Honourable Supreme Court of India.