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Dr Lalit Kasana, the Founder of the World’s First Homeo-Aesthetics Clinic, Is Bringing Revolution with Doctor’s Nutrition

December 03: Dr Lalit Kasana is a well-known Indian cosmetologist and esthetician who is bringing innovation to the field of aesthetics. He founded Homeo-Aesthetics by opening “Doctor Kasana’s Clinic,” the world’s first Homeo-Aesthetics Clinic, with his ideas and experiments. At his clinic in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, he provides various types of non-surgical aesthetic treatments using Homoeopathic Medicines.

He tried to make cosmetic and aesthetic procedures completely safe and then paved his way into the realm of aesthetics with his brilliant ideas. Dr Lalit also developed One of India’s most trusted e-commerce websites, where you can buy all kinds of cosmetics and beauty products.

Recently, Dr Lalit Kasana has debuted his new business, Doctor’s Nutrition. Dr Lalit Kasana’s invention professional (cosmetic brand) has been recognised and has already received two awards: “The Best Quality Assured Products Of The Year 2019” during “International Excellence Awards 2019 in Malaysia for the best cosmetic brand.” People trust cosmetic items since they are 100% safe and organic, and they were created to gain people’s trust with their innovative creation.

Dr Lalit Kasana is planning to offer nutrition-related items. People today face a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to fitness items. Every individual who wishes to get healthy or achieve a flawless physique considers a reputable product, and Dr Lalit Kasana, with the assistance of Doctor’s Nutrition, is fulfilling these requirements. It contains nearly 30 goods, including whey protein, weight loss supplements, and more.

With his successful initiatives and unique ideas, Dr Lalit Kasana has transformed himself from a doctor to an entrepreneur. He is also the originator of INDIA’S FIRST MEDICATED SALON, known as “Doctor’s Medi-Salon,” which is one of the most innovative introductions in the salon industry.

People do not trust online products, so he wants to revolutionise the e-commerce market. He will aim to win that confidence with his brand by introducing premium and high-quality products to the public. Dr Lalit Kasana’s aim and vision are to break the monotony and transform people’s perspectives by giving the best and natural products with no negative side effects.

On his Youtube account, he posts motivational videos and original as well as new ideas, and he has since become a young icon. His YouTube channel is the world’s most well-known medical channel. It is well known for its pimple-popping videos. Dr Lalit Kasana’s work has been recognised by national and international networks all around the world. The content on his YouTube channel has been well received, with TIMES OF INDIA publishing it in the Sunday Times.

Dr Lalit Kasana was invited to judge the renowned Belgian show CONTROL PEDRO on the Belgian National Channel BELGIAN NATIONAL TV. Well, that’s not all. Dr Lalit Kasana also hosted his live beauty show on India’s TV 24 news channel, dubbed “Dr Kasana’s Beauty.” Dr Lalit Kasana earned his B.H.M.S. from HMC Abohar (Punjab) and then went on to Bakson College in Noida to earn his MD(Hom) (UP). In 2011, he completed his first course in Clinic Cosmetology & Aesthetics Medicine at the IIC (Indian Institute of Cosmetology) in Mumbai to make a difference. Then, from IIC in Mumbai, I obtained a Certificate Course in Clinical Research under ICH-GCP Training. He also holds a P.G.D.C.C. (Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology) from the University of Greifswald’s Institute of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine.

Many awards and records have been bestowed upon Dr Lalit Kasana. On May 16, 2016, he stunned the globe by setting a WORLD RECORD for MOST MOLE REMOVAL IN ONE MINUTE by eliminating 38 moles in one minute. He is a member of the Indian Homeopathic Medical Association, the National Cosmetology Association of the United States of America, and the American Cosmetology Association.

Dr Lalit Kasana has received a variety of honours, some of which are listed below:

*Bharat Gaurav Award -2015

*Medical Excellence Award 2015

*Global Lifestyle Award 2015

*Best Cosmetologist & Aesthetician in North India 2 016

*Best Cosmetologist & Aesthetician in India 2017

*World record holder for most Mole-removal

*Healthcare Icon of the year 2017

*International Glory Award 2019