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Dr. Sunita Dube is revolutionising the health sector with philanthropic work

Dr. Sunita Dube is the founder of Aryan medical trust and MedScapeIndia, a renowned MD Radiologist, Philanthropist, and healthcare entrepreneur. She is a versatile personality with high integrity, a respected name in public life, revolutionising the healthcare sector with philanthropic work with innovation that has been lauded on several national & international platforms delivering milestones. Dr. Dube imparts her knowledge to many aspects of health. She has a broad understanding of pregnancy as an MD in Radiology. Not only that, but she actively offers her knowledge of health and wellness, starting with a good diet and ending with a healthy lifestyle. She maintains her head held high to treat others with her understanding of nutrition and the treatment of chronic illnesses.

Q -Tell us more about your journey.

Sunita Dube – As a doctor, I am privileged to serve the nation for many years. I have worked on several platforms to bring changes in healthcare structures and being a doctor. I want every individual to take care of themselves. Together we can build a healthy nation for the cause. I have been on a mission to empower health and fitness for the past 16 years, initiating various awareness campaigns such as Save the Girl Child, HIV GO AWAY Campaign, Health Awareness, Preventive Medical Camps, MILLION SMILE Women Empowerment, Breast Cancer  Screening & Awareness, Doctors Legible Handwriting Campaign, FITINDIA ON WHEEL For Rural Health, FIT INDIA SILVER, FIT INDIA Conclave, FIT INDIA UTTARAKHAND, and many more camps are on the way. We are currently actively working in Kashmir remote areas to provide proper facilities and train people to be independent enough in medical aid.

Q – Give us an insight into your educational qualifications and professional career.

SD – After junior college, I was more interested in the medical field and didn’t want to work like everyone else. I always wanted to do things out of the ordinary, so I entirely dedicated myself to this. I am MD, a Radiologist, and completed MBBS from Karnataka, where I have wonderful memories. I completed DMRE from Somaiya College, Advanced Diploma in Hospital Administration (IHCA), Bangalore nutrition and dietetics (IHCA), FCCP (College of chest physicians, Delhi), and Dip child health (DSAMS) Delhi after absorbing all the knowledge. After serving my country, the amount of respect and love I receive is the only thing that keeps me going in my professional life. As a radiologist, I’ve made a difference in many areas, including motherhood and pregnancy. At the end of the day, I’m satisfied that I’m using my education to help people.

Q – What are the services provided by Aryan Medical and Educational Trust?

SD – The Aryan Medical and Educational Trust has done charitable work over the years. Our faculty members are highly qualified and experienced in preparing students to be self-sufficient and productive workers. By bringing healthcare to their door, we ensure that the greatest number of patients are served while not interfering with their daily lives. These medical camps treat primary health conditions and offer free medications to patients with acute and chronic illnesses. When additional help is required, patients are referred to the appropriate government, private, or public facilities that offer free or subsidised services, and proper follow-up and case management plans are put in place.

Q – What does the future of your company look like?

SD – MedScapeIndia has been the first to bring so many changes in the medical field. There are many campaigns, such as Save Girl Child, HIV, and Fitness Challenges, and in a few short, we want to establish ourselves as one of the leading organisations in healthcare from all perspectives. There are currently 300 doctors involved in MedScapeIndia, and we want more doctors to come forward and serve the nation in India and on international platforms. However, we are also attempting to reach remote areas of the country where people are deprived of healthcare and actively working on that section.

Q – Being a doctor, what health advice you would like to give people?

SD – We must act more carefully these days because we have witnessed a global epidemic and how healthcare sectors are failing to provide suitable treatment. As a doctor, I wish that this situation does not emerge, but we must act responsibly and maintain a balance of work and family life. Give yourself 30 minutes of exercise every day, but don’t think it’s simple. Maintain a healthy diet to increase your immunity and get enough sleep. Most importantly, keep your ideas inspired, “A healthy lifestyle is a prosperous lifestyle” is a phrase I usually use to motivate myself in this sector. If we truly comprehend the importance of this statement, we can tackle any worldwide pandemic in a calm state of mind.