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Dream Big India’s Largest Emerging Ed-tech platform

Nov 19: Dream Big is India’s largest growing ed-tech platform that provides aspirants comprehensive end-to-end admission solutions guidance and online mock test preparatory services. Dream Big envisions bringing a revolution and a positive change in the education sector.

The Ed-tech platforms come up with three exclusive services and packages- “PLAN MY PREPARATION,” “PLAN MY EDUCATION LOAN,” and “PLAN MY ADMISSION” to aid the students to fulfil their dream of education. The best thing about all the Dream Big’s career service and mentor guidance is that it is available at the most affordable pricing.

Dream Big’s venture into the ed-tech industry comes at a point when the education sector in India is hit hard by Pandemic. As the founder says, “The advent of Ed-tech has empowered the student community by making them active participants for the first time in their education.” He further adds, “At Dream Big, the students are provided with personalised admission assistance under the ‘PLAN MY ADMISSION’ feature and to make the admission journey hassle-free and less gruelling.”

With around 600 million people under 25 years of age, India caters to the largest youth population in the world. With schools and colleges closed, Ed-tech clubbed with NEP 2020 comes as a blessing in disguise. Dream Big has been working hard in this direction to provide the aspirants with quality education and career guidance.

The stats with respect to India’s education system are alarming and are of concern. Studies conducted have shown that 70% of the students do not get any formalised NEET or JEE guidance. The high prices and the unawareness of the exam and syllabus pattern keep many potential candidates at bay. Dream Big as a platform hopes to make a dent here and create a social impact.

Dream Big is soon starting its professionally curated “NEET Online Test Preparatory Package” and has in the pipeline mock test services for other entrance services like MBA, Law, NIFT, JEE, and others. The whole idea is to make education accessible, affordable, efficient, and smart. Dream Big’s ‘PLAN MY LOAN’ feature makes it easy for students to access educational loans.

Dream Big is a data-enabled, technology-driven Ed-tech platform that wants to bring in a chain of revolution across the 300 million schools for 40 million students. The AI-powered mobile application provides sophisticated prediction and recommendation products for the applicants to explore and achieve their career plans