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Eco company targets recycling through awareness at grassroot level

July 29: Every great movement starts with the first step. Similarly, for a clean environment, recycling needs to start from collection of pollution-causing substances.

Nirmal Vasundhara, an initiative of JB ECOTEX LIMITED – Leading recycler of millions of used plastic bottles into eco-friendly products, supports vision of large-scale plastic recycling for sustainable development at very first step i.e., collection of plastic waste.  Nirmal Vasundhara offers end-to-end waste management services. From collection of waste to ensuring the waste reaches the right recycling partners, it takes care of each function, step by step. It has a dedicated facility for plastic waste collection, segregation & channelization of waste.

Besides this, Nirmal Vasundhara is also a compliance provider for PIBOs (producers, importers, brands owners) to help them with plastic waste management rules set by the Environment Ministry of Government of India, implemented in 2018. The company provides consultancy and compliance services to such entities to help them adhere to PWM rule. Nirmal Vasundhara is also certified collector for ocean-bound plastic in collaboration with JBECOTEX which is also a certified recycler of such pollutants.

Actively working with local municipal bodies, Nirmal Vasundhara starts with the bottom of the recycling chain, i.e. the Swacchta Heroes (common citizen of INDIA who is termed as RAG PICKER and collects different types of waste from different and deposit the same to different collection centers). It understands the value of Swacchta Hero who are first step in waste management and help reduce MLP in the environment. Through the project called ‘Swachh Vasundhara’, the company is associated with around 500+Swacchta Heroes who deposit the collected plastic waste collected plastic waste at “Swacch Vasundhara Kendra”. However, the company has gone one step further to ensure that besides the cost paid to them for the waste collected, they also get remuneration from government with help of NIRMAL VASUNDHARA by project “SWACCH VASUNDHARA” at the rate of Rs 3 per kg for maximum of 10 kg of MLP collected per day. By virtue of this scheme Nirmal Vasundhara is facilitating remuneration of more than 1 lakh per month to help the Swacchta Heroes who have collected more than 15 lakh kg of waste till date. Nirmal Vasundhara is acting as a bridge between most needy section of INDIA and formal economy.

‘PLASTIC DAAN: MAHADAN’ is another campaign being run by NIRMAL VASUNDHARA whereby the organization urges shopping centers, commercial complexes, industries& hawkers to collected plastic waste generated by them and donate the same to the company which can be channelized to different recycling facility. They are asked to contact Nirmal Vasundhara at least once a week or on regular basis for waste collection.

Nirmal Vasundhara has around 350 collection partners in all over INDIA and till date organization has collected and channelized total of 2 crore kg of plastic waste to different recycling facility with different plastic waste collection program is being run by the company.

Nirmal Vasundhara also conducts various activities to encourage waste collection. Mohalla Sabhaand Nagar Sabha are some programs conducted by Nirmal Vasundhara to encourage waste collection. Mohalla Sabha is held in the areas which has density of Swacchta Heroes to conduct IEC activities. The company spreads awareness regarding kind of plastic, segregation methods, benefits available due to plastic collection and safety methods. Whereas in Nagar Sabha, company encourages common citizen of INDIA to collect, segregate and dispose plastic waste responsibly and educate about different type of plastic recycling.

Punit Singhal, Director& Founder at Nirmal Vasundhara, shares that “the company’s sole purpose is to reduce pollution caused due to plastic while benefitting all the stakeholders in the process. In this journey education and awareness about plastic waste & recycling to Mango people of INDIA is an important step.”

With its foundation focused on reducing plastic pollution and thereby working hand in hand Nirmal Vasundhara and JB ECOTEX ensures that plastic gets recycled and reused instead of ending up to pollute the environment.

Such initiatives not only benefit the grassroot level workers but also help environment-conscious people achieve their goals to do something for their earth. Kudos to these efforts on this Nature Conservation Day and let’s do our bit for the environment and contribute in any way possible for longevity of Human being.